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“SUPERNATURAL” —  (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) “Out with the Old” (TV-14, DLV) (HDTV)
DOUBLE TROUBLE — After a ballerina is found dead from dancing herself to death, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) look into the case and discover the ballet slippers she wore were cursed.  When Dean accidentally touches the shoes the power of the curse starts to take hold of him.  John Showalter directed the episode written by Robert Singer & Jenny Klein (#716).


*Please note that Supernatural will be back March 9 with new episodes, so till then we get reruns.

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greenamberblue: Any chance of some Supernatural  spoilers? You got it, dude! (Full House reference FTW!)  That former flame of both boys we told you about yesterday? She’s also  a hunter!


Clowns, a unicorn and the Winchesters having fun sums up this episode. Ok, let’s make that Dean having fun. Sam is terrified of clowns and these clowns are scary! “Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie” was a filler episode, no bearing on the overall story arc. But what we get is nostalgic sweetness between the brothers and a reminder that these hunters never really experienced a childhood. Daniel Loflin with Andrew Dabb wrote this ep and really hit it spot on. Mike Rohl, who loves Supernatural, directed and pulled the best out of the actors and the script! With Sam running for his life from HIS childhood fear, clowns, the action begins!

We know that Sam has clown issues. Dean teases him about it continuously. Seeing Sam running clowns and repeating under his breath, “they can’t hurt me. If they bleed, I can kill them!” sets the hero in trouble tone. Our Supernatural splatter is clowny colorful and the countdown clock gives us time perspective. Squished in a payphone, Dean talks to Frank who has yet to dig up Dick Roman info but this shows us that the Winchesters still have Leviathan on the front burner. Since having a monster baby, Dean swears off women, babies and even hot chicks. The next hunt lands the boys in a morgue checking out a victim who has been suckered to death by an octopus and a vampire, a octovamp! The victim’s wife infers that the nanny might know something. According to the nanny, the parents aren’t quite the hands on type and the daughter has tried to warn her daddy about the monsters! Sam questions the daughter and sees her chalk drawing, an octopus with vamp like teeth.

The next victim gets stabbed by a lance and involves a horse,(a unicorn obviously). When the wife shows up to answer questions, Dean discovers that her youngster and the first victim’s kid both went to Plucky Pennywhistle’s for birthday parties. With the time clock ticking, we fast forward to Sam fighting clowns to no avail. Fighting for all he’s worth, his strikes explode glitter and incite evil clown chuckling. Going back earlier in the day, Sam checks out the staff at Plucky’s and spies scary drawings by the kids. The pics are drawn with the premise that expressing their fears helps the kids to overcome them. Janitor Saul whispers to Sam about something weird going on but can’t talk until after closing. Sam takes his info back to Dean where they conclude that the drawings are somehow producing monsters. At closing time at Plucky’s, the janitor starts to leave but is informed that he has to full-out sanitize the ball pit. While sucking up the balls to clean out the pit, something shark like swims around Saul. I instantly envision a shark as Saul is yanked under and then drug around the pit. Oh yea, blood spatters all over the plastic enclosure! Sam and Dean drive back to Plucky’s to speak with the janitor but instead see a coroner taking a body on a stretcher. Dean checks out the corpse, says it looks like a shark bite and determines the shark about twenty feet long due to the bite radius. “Shark week, man! How can you not watch that? A whole week of sharks!”

Back at the hotel, the boys are talking business which seems almost like a normal conversation other than the death and monster parts! Sam plans on going back to Plucky’s to play bad cop and Dean is supposed to follow whoever Sam rattles. Hanging out at the pizza place with kids, Dean says, “that’s normal. A 30 something hanging around Plucky’s. Not pervy at all.” At Plucky’s, Sam proceeds to eliminate suspects with intimidation. The manager is a pothead, the dorky ticket taker just fends off anything Sam asks him with a smile but Sam’s questioning causes the lion mascot to bolt with Dean in pursuit. After being tackled, the lion confesses but not to murder. While hanging out at Plucky’s, Dean tries to win enough tickets for a giant slinky which he obviously has always wanted. We know that “hunters have no childhood” so this is sweet to behold. A son left on his own at Plucky’s by his waitress mom who’s employed there, catches Dean’s eye. The boy had drawn a giant robot with laser eyes on his place mat of fear.

When the boys get back from chasing the lion, the boy’s place mat is gone. They determine that this mom and boy maybe the next victims so Sam heads out to watch over them while Dean investigates the boiler room where he finds a burning sacrifice, an altar and painted clowns dolls. The nerdy ticket guy sneaks up on Dean. It seems this poor fellow is making kids lives better by killing what he deems as their horrible parents. His little brother drowned when he was much younger because his parents couldn’t hear him yelling for them. Nerd guy has noticed Sam’s massive fear of clowns and has worked his mojo so that Sam is now a target. Deans ends this confrontation by throwing the nerd’s own picture into the fire pit, bringing his ghostly brother back who then kills him.

The countdown clock reads “RIGHT FRIGGIN NOW” which brings us to real-time and Sam’s losing clown battle. When the nerd is killed, the clowns explode in a blast of glitter, covering Sam from head to toe. Sam gets out of his vehicle covered in glitter and Dean just belly laughs at his brother. Sam just tells Dean to go ahead, get it out but Sam is being taken aback by Dean’s laughter. Dean truly apologizes to Sam for psychologically scarring him and gives him a scary Pennywhistle clown as a token for defeating his phobia. Sam brings Dean the giant slinky and tells Dean that they have earned it! During the exchange here Sam rubs his hand, letting us know that his grip on reality is still tenuous. The boys drive off into the night with the clown doll laying in the middle of the road, winking and cackling at us.

This episode was so wonderful on every turn! Mostly because we see the Winchesters interacting in a semi normal brotherly fashion! Sam being clown tormented was funny because he was so terrified! Dean acting like a kid in a toy store was just that…. fun to watch and heart tugging too. Dean’s laughter when seeing Sam was the talk of the night! Why? Because it was so real and Jensen like but also because these guys don’t have a lot to laugh about. Dean is walking a tightrope although he didn’t drink in this ep. Sam rubbing his hand at the end shows us that he is really just hanging on. So the brothers carry on…. as we know that they will. Let me know your thoughts! stay supernatural…..

Latest From Kristin (2/13/12)

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Helena: Supernatural please! Did you ever wish  you could date Sam and Dean?! Well apparently some lucky woman has, because  we’re going to meet a woman in her late 30s who is an old flame of both of them.  Our prediction: She has a pact with the devil. Oh, and speaking of, don’t forget  that the final reveal of TV’s Top Couple will go down tomorrow, and we just have to  share with you a little message we got from Misha Collins (who  is in the final two) after his pairing (Dean and Castiel) beat out Community‘s Jeff and Annie in the second-tolast  round:

“So often Hollywood and pop culture portray relationships that don’t reflect  real life and relationships that lack a moral compass. I think it’s nice to see  a stable couple with grounded values getting this attention over that perverse  relationship between Joel McHale and that girl on that  other show. I mean, look how they’re kissing. It’s disgusting—you can tell  they’re not even using tongue.”—Misha Collins (Castiel)

Just when you thought you couldn’t love him more.


Supernatural Valentine Promo Pics

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