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It Sourcie Time

Posted: July 30, 2009 by ddbabygirl13 in Uncategorized
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Well I’m back with more Sourcie news. It seem that once again Supernatural has lost the fight. The Dearly Departed when to some guy on One Tree Hill. But we can still win the battle! Supernatural is up for Best Villain(our dear Alastair), so let bring Supernatural back from the dead. Go vote now!

P.S. There’s still time to vote for Best Special Episode

Vote Now

P.S.S. I will be bring news on the Portal Awards as soon as ballots are finished being counted.


More and More Sourcies

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Well Im sad to say but Supernatural’s Ruby did not win The Bitch is Back award. She came second place to one of the One tree hill chicks. But dont mope! Cause we are up again for another Sourcie, Best Special Episode. The episode is Monster Movie(which by the way was my favorite). So stop doing what you’re doing…yes you! and go vote.

Vote now!

P.S. There’s still time to vote for CW’s Dearly Departed(Supernatural’s Pamela)

Comic-Con 09

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So as you guys all know,today was the Supernatural panel at Comic-Con. And there is a lot of good news. Kripke talks about season 5, new characters, more seasons and God.

                     ~Be Warned:There are REALLY BIG spoilers~

Comic-Con 09

It’s still to early for any videos or pictures, so as soon as I get my hands on some, I’ll let you guys know.

Update: Check out what Supernatural stuff was selling at Comic-Con
Supernatural Exclusive

More Updates:Some pic from the panel(Jensen and Jared did not attend)









Here some videos from the panel
Panel:Part 1

Panel:Part 2

5 mins of episode one

Sneak peek of season 4 gag reel

Here more on the panel: BubbyTV

The Sourcies

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Well fans I hate to say this but Supernatural did not win the Hottest Moment. One Tree Hill took the cake on that one,but Supernatural can still bounce back. Supernatural is up for Most Dearly Departed with medium Pamala. So go vote!

Most Dearly Departed

Spoiler TV gots some good news

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Spoiler TV has some pretty good stuff about Season 5.Like a peek at one of the scripts or more casting call news. I just a little confused about the casting call. Umm…

Script Sneak Peek

New Casting Call


Comic-Con is here again,which means that there’s going to be some wicked stuff going on. Sadly I wont be able to go(lack of planing and money). So I hope to get update on whats going on out there. Please feel free to give up date on what happened out there(like a Jensen sighting).

Hope everyone has a good time!

UK Fans Can Rest Easy Now

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News has come around that UK fans of Supernatural will be geting their season 5…just not with the same TV company. Check out the link for more on that story.

UK gets their Supernatural

No premiere date has be set yet.