Latest From Kristin (2/13/12)

Posted: February 13, 2012 by ddbabygirl13 in Uncategorized
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Helena: Supernatural please! Did you ever wish  you could date Sam and Dean?! Well apparently some lucky woman has, because  we’re going to meet a woman in her late 30s who is an old flame of both of them.  Our prediction: She has a pact with the devil. Oh, and speaking of, don’t forget  that the final reveal of TV’s Top Couple will go down tomorrow, and we just have to  share with you a little message we got from Misha Collins (who  is in the final two) after his pairing (Dean and Castiel) beat out Community‘s Jeff and Annie in the second-tolast  round:

“So often Hollywood and pop culture portray relationships that don’t reflect  real life and relationships that lack a moral compass. I think it’s nice to see  a stable couple with grounded values getting this attention over that perverse  relationship between Joel McHale and that girl on that  other show. I mean, look how they’re kissing. It’s disgusting—you can tell  they’re not even using tongue.”—Misha Collins (Castiel)

Just when you thought you couldn’t love him more.



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