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After not much thought and lots of reading(tweets,reviews, recaps), I conclude that “Man’s Best Friend with Benefits” crossed a line, even for Supernatural! The last few episodes have moved forward positively and even though filler shows are just that, fillers, this felt like an hour wasted. Ok, getting my weekly Sam and Dean fix, not a waste. What I love about Supernatural is that so many topics are broached: lore(religious and not), weekly moral dilemmas of right and wrong, the consequences of killing people daily. Bestiality just crosses a line. For writers Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming, I’m really, really hoping for better their next time around. My high points of the episode since I’ve mentioned the ground dragging low point, follow.

Sam and Dean arguing over the mundane Stooges, a high point! I love the Winchesters doing normal people stuff: cooking, nesting, arguing over things that don’t determine the fate of the world. We all know Sam loves dogs but a negative really voiced this ep was Dean’s dislike for dogs. I wonder if this sets up something later in the season with a dog or perhaps Riot? A thought from the fandom at the beginning of the season was that Riot(Sam and Amelia’s dog) is a supernatural being. Portia the dog/familiar’s insistence that Dean doesn’t care for dogs, drove his dislike home.

Each week Supernatural has presented us with new and re-used characters, expanding the Winchester world. James(Christian Campbell) the cop witch is someone I didn’t empathize with and I was to then to care that James’ witch friend Spencer wanted Portia too? More YIKES! We have no background for James although he saved the Winchesters’ lives one time. James also altruistically chose to be a witch to fight the bad guys but choose ‘the dark side’ he did, period. Since James and Portia didn’t die but moved on, THIS sets these characters up for a return into the Winchester drama. Positive!

Another laughable moment: Portia tears into Dean about being bigoted against the cop gone witch. Dean’s reply to her tirade is, “that was incredibly hot” and Sam also agrees, “yeah, that was hot.” Although this wasn’t Sam normal response, the boys were on the same page. More non-sensical writing was Dean not knowing what a familiar is or what Portia meant when talking about her and James. What part of the ‘best hunter ever’ wouldn’t know about familiars or that Dean who picks up on everything, wouldn’t pick up on something sexual? I realize that expositions are needed but at the guys’ expense? I don’t think so.

Sam’s epiphany when he realizes it’s not that Dean doesn’t trust him but that Dean just trusts himself. Great insight and a most true statement. A nice brotherly moment….

Supernatural has broached astral projection before but not like this. It was an interesting supernatural excursion which I appreciated.

Season eight has expanded the Winchester’ network out of necessity. Mishael Morgan and Christian Campbell both did good jobs in spite of the story. And Portia, a beautiful woman, walked out alive!

Concluding the high points of the episode, Sam and Dean’s last huggy conversation occurs in the Impala. Dean realizes after having ‘hell’ mentally reopened, that everything they’ve accomplished, has only happened when the brothers work together. Capitulating to Sam that if he is still 100% gung ho, then Dean supports him in finishing the two trials that will close the gates of hell. Sam of course agrees wholeheartedly even as he coughs up blood. So, in staying with the emptiness theme of this episode, Dean trusts Sam to be honest and Sam lies to Dean. Actually, Dean always expects the truth and lying happens from both of them.

As quite an adoring fan, I’ve never turned off an episode or even switched channels between commercials or read a book during the show… ever. I rewatched the episode just to make sure that I still felt the same after watching it initially and yep, I did. I didn’t like it overall. The first time ever to say that about an any episode in eight seasons. Please share your thoughts with me, I shared mine. In spite of the negative surrounding this ep, some fans still enjoyed it. So in the true Winchester way: I’m smiling, like I mean it, to get through it. Til next week…. stay supernatural!

Mishael Morgan interview with Winchester Bros Radio ‘Portia’



Sunday Dan Loflin and DJ Qualls shared the behind the scenes on how Garth came to be. No spoilers here but kudos to Sera Gamble who loved Garth’s character and wanted to keep him! Thanks Dan Loflin and DJ Qualls for the hour of enjoyment! Enjoy the banter!

Dan Loflin ‏@danloflin

* Dear #Supernatural Fans, pour yerself that glass of rotgut whiskey, cause it’s time for the untold story of Garth’s creation!

* Firstly, this is an experiment: the story is 20-plus tweets long– coming at 2 or 3 min intervals.

* And thirdly? Let us pray (to @mishacollins) that this doesn’t go horribly wrong! Okay, here we go.

* It all started way back in s6 when news hit that Jensen would be directing the first episode of the season.

* Since it was Jensen’s first time directing, we thought it best to craft a Dean-light story, so he could focus…

* …focus on the enormous task before him. And by “enormous” I’m referring to the directing of Jared Padalecki

* You see, Jared (@jarpad) easily tops out at 7’ 10” while standing. And that’s no lie. #sasquatch #wookie #moose

* So, we called on superstar Jim Beaver (@jumblejim) to anchor the Bobby-centric “Weekend at Bobby’s” with Jared.

* Popping popcorn!! “@TheOnlyDJQualls: So here is how I came to play Garth.

* I was living in Nola shooting a TNT show called Memphis Beat. I knew it was going to get the ax and I was pretty sad about it

* I called my manager and told him to look for a job so I would have something to take my mind off the death of my show.

* TV’s a mean business, breaks ur heart a lot. A few days later, I get a call about this character Garth on a show called #SPN

* The call went like this: you’re probably not going to want to do this, but you’ve been offered a guest spot on #spn

* I told him I’d never seen it but to send over the scrip and a few episodes (I’d never seen the show).

* Read the #SPN script any loved it. Watched an episode where @jarpad fell down a hole and went to hell and I was confused.

* Couldnt figure out the show. Called my mgr and asked if these guys were models who chase monsters. And if so, what so they want w/me?

* So I was initially on the fence about playing Garth at all. Decided that Id talk it out with Sera. She called and explained.

* I thought, ok, Ill do it once. Sounds fun. I get there and @jarpad and Jensen treated me like Id been there always (they were mean to me)

* Apparently they are mean to everyone they like including each other. After a couple of days I knew I wanted to come back.

* Then the ep aired and I got to see hints of who Garth was from an outside prospective and fell in love with him.

* Fast forward a year and Id done 3, been overseas to a convention, picked up 30k twitter followers. Garth changed my life

* In public, people run up to me calling me Garth, I hug people while they cry, I get which shoe he ties 1st. It initially scared me.

* I’d been decently well known for 12 years at that point, but I’d never known cult fame. Whole different ball game.

* Playing Garth has been much more wonderful than I could have ever expected. All the love (and some hate) has been overwhelming

* When Bobby died, I got a lot of crap. It was being teased that I was replacing him. I had no idea and I don’t write the show.

* I wanted to quit the show for a minute. I talked to @jarpad about it and he was like Welcome to #spn. We all get both extremes.

* Im now used to it and really appreciate the #SPNFamily interactions and know that Im a part of something ppl love

* I look forward to returning to the show as soon as I fit into a storyline. Until then, I get to watch Garth be further developed thru calls

* Garth’s safe boathouse made me laugh out loud. #fizzlesfolly

Dan Loflin‏@danloflin

* Props to Jeremy Carver who gave the “okay” to this twitter story. He’s a good man 🙂

* And if she ever comes out of twitter seclusion– show Sera the love for making Garth a reality. @serathegamble

* Even more ups to Robbie Thompson who coined the phrase “You got Garthed!” @rthompson1138

* More ups to Adam Glass who created Mr. Fizzles and has written Garth so beautifully. @AdamGlass44

* Ups to Andrew Dabb who made him a hugger!

* DJ @theonlydjqualls was my first choice for the part. Big fan since ROAD TRIP. Luckily, he said yes!

* So, in a sense, Garth’s BIRTH came from his DEATH– keeping with the Supernatural tradition of resurrection.

* as Dean’s “temp” partner in the “Wedding” episode. All thanks to the love of Sera Gamble.

* And like the fabled Phoenix, Garth rose from the ashes of near-death and made his ONSCREEN DEBUT–

* and Garth’s off-screen life was spared.

* And I was right! Sera cut his off-screen death from the draft with a big “NOOO!” written into the margin.

* My thought was that it might strike Sera as tragic to lose beloved Garth– even as minor as he was at the time.

* Hunters have been dying left and right to the new Leviathan threat. Well, Garth was originally one of the DEAD.

* If you remember, in “The Girl Next Door” Bobby describes the Hunter landscape as “Weird with a side of BLOODY.”

* I worked a mention of Garth’s off-screen adventures into the first draft. This one resulting in his DEATH.

* But when s7 rolled around, once again Jensen was called-on to direct and once again–

* All HELLATUS long, I worried that Ms. Gamble would forget about dear Garth.

* –the lovely Ms. Gamble (our fearless showrunner) took a liking to the hapless (and faceless) new hunter.

* That was the first appearance of Garth. And though it was merely an off-screen mention–

* And into the draft went the following scene:

* And that, dear Supernatural fans, is the behind-the-scenes story of our lovable and huggable Hunter’s creation

* As you can see, Garth’s (and #Supernatural’s) success has been a team effort. With you guys included!

* Thank you all for tuning in– it’s been an absolute BLAST!


WOO HOO! How bout that ‘little show that could?!’ For the few of us(!) who are kinda addicted to Supernatural, what great news! Thank you CW and Mark Pedowitz! I’m enclosing addresses for Supernatural and for Mr. Pedowitz if you’re so inclined to say ‘thanks’!

Thanks to our fandom who so adores the cast, crew, location…. the list just goes on! Pat yourself on the back and send a card! YEAH!!! Season 9!!!!

CW Network Website:

Feedback Email:

Twitter: @CW_network


Address: The CW Network, LLC
ATTN: Mark Pedowitz
3300 Olive Ave,
Burbank, CA 91505
United States

Supernatural Cast & Crew: Supernatural Films Inc.
8085 Glenwood Drive
Burnaby, B.C.
V3N 5C8

The writing team of Supernatural: c/o Holly Ollis
Warner Bros Television
4000 Warner Blvd
Bldg 140.
Burbank, CA 91522

Jensen Ackles, c/o Management 360, 9111 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Jared Padalecki, c/o Industry Entertainment, 955 S. Carrillo Dr., 3rd Floor, LA, CA 90048

Misha Collins, c/o Kritzer Levine Wilkins Entertainment Llc., 11872 La Grange Avenue, 1st Floor, LA, CA 90025


Can I ask who else was ecstatic over the ‘no fun’ Winchesters having a good ol’ time in larp-land and a battlefield? Yep… I knew it! So much fun in 42 minutes! ‘LARP and the Real Girl” did not disappoint! Writer Robbie Thompson, who tops my fav writer list, gave us fun, frolic and females. Charlie(Felicia Day) is back in play(in more ways than one) as Queen of Moondoor where it’s fun and games for some but for one nerd, Boltar the furious, it’s a life changing, control freak winner take all bubble. Let’s enter Moondoor….

Blaring “China Grove” in the Impala, Dean wants to have fun, take some time off. Possibly a subtle nudge considering his birthday is January 24th, this ep aired on the 23rd. But for Sam, work IS fun so after being Garthed, the two have a job. The victim, who has been ‘drawn and quartered’, leaves behind a house full of toys, chain mail and his cell phone which holds threatening voice mails. The “toys” are small soldiers used to coordinate war movement which Dean thinks is kinda awesome! Sam discovers a tattoo which shows up on victims through out all the murders. As far as deaths are concerned, being drawn and quartered is right up there as terrifically bad!

Getting straight to the heart of LARPing- live action role-playing, the man who threatened the victim gets called into the police station where he confesses all about Moondoor. Sam instantly hits a computer where lo and behold, Moondoor exists with a reigning queen, Charlie. While all eyes are glued to the computer, the poor fella in the interrogation room spits up blood until he’s dead and the room is covered in blood. Did I mention that Dean seems to be drawn to Moondoor?

The Winchesters hardly ever get caught being fraudulent FBI agents but after presenting their badges to Boltar, geek master and important Moondoor person, they’re called out! Boltar declares that the badges(numbers, spaces… whatnot) and cheap suits, albeit good, are definitely fake. In spite of this, they find Charlie wielding her weapon on her knights getting ready for battle. Charlie’s expression is priceless when she scans her royal subjects and sees the Winchesters!

Charlie wants to run as any normal geek would but after thinking it through, she holds fast to doing the queenly thing which is helping the boys find the monster. Her words, “If you’re here, monsters are here!” seems to be a theme this season tho always true for these guys! Dean weighs in on the positioning of Charlie’s toy soldiers, again showing us that little boy who played with toy soldiers who grew up to be a fierce hunter. The three split up with Sam hitting the geek filled, computer tent and Charlie and Dean question the different factions of Moondoor where Charlie seems to be quite the player, again, in a bigger sense of the word. Dean dresses up for the occasion, to fit in of course. He reveals to Charlie more than he says: his remorse for using Amelia as bait and losing Benny as a friend.

Dean and Charlie run into Boltar who offers to help find the Orcs, the forest dwelling faction at Moondoor. Dean wants Charlie with Sam so instructs her to find Sam. Walking thru any forest is scary and Charlie senses someone following her. The first stalker is harmless but the second, a skull perched atop a black cape, isn’t. Charlie wakes up in a magic tent and believes to be in danger. When she states that “she just wants her life back”, the skull mask is removed, revealing a beautiful woman, Gilda. Gilda the fairy, under the control of Boltar, is killing people.

After realizing that Charlie is missing, a group of larpers with Sam and Dean head off to find her. After searching all the tents for Charlie, there is one mysterious tent, deep in the forest that wasn’t searched. Dean and Sam walk in on Charlie making out with the fairy/monster and the fairy identifies the “real” monster in the story, Boltar, the man who controls her. A fight ensues with Gilda making a suit of armor choke Sam out and Dean gets to wooden sword fight with Boltar. Charlie wants to be a hero and does save the day. She plunges Dean’s knife into the book of magic which breaks Boltar’s spells.

Charlie kisses Gilda, the fairy fades away, taking Boltar who will be punished in her realm. Charlie decides to stay and fight for her “normal” life. Dean wants to help fight the good fight for Moondoor but that entails having fun. “Have fun Sam, it will make you feel better, ” he says. Sam responds, “No, not just me. It will make us both feel better. Shall we?” The best ever, epic ending for Supernatural! A Winchester dream come true: Ren faire dress, weapons, and a classic hero speech. It didn’t matter that the great “Braveheart” speech was interrupted by a frisbee, what mattered was the content, the heart, the emotion. Also, Sam’s hair pulled back and Dean with long hair, that rocked!

There has been lots of wishing and commentaries about how Sam and Dean should talk. The reality is, these guys are mens men. Communicating is a pat on the back, a nod, clinking beers. Sitting around sharing their feelings would be, well, awkward and so unlike them. Next ep we get Henry Winchester who happens to be a talker, a sharer, a Man of Letters. A complete opposite of these manly men. Cannot wait! Until then…… stay supernatural!


What a great night for the “little show that could!” Supernatural did well at the People’s Choice Awards winning the Fave SciFi/ Fantasy show! Not only did the show win big but the fandom won also! Congrats to us all! Enjoy the fun from tonight’s event!

Jensen made PCAs best dressed list!

Another article Jensen, best dressed.

Video: J2 on stage accepting Fav Scifi show award and presenting best band: …

J2 giving a speech for the award! 😀 …

Jensen & Danneel on the Red Carpet vid.

Jensen’s interview vid!

Jared’s interview on the Red Carpet at 1:04:35! posted by ValerieLobban

Jared & Gen on the Red Carpet vid.

Holly Ollis‏ @Hollidayo Jared & Jensen accepting their 3rd People’s Choice Award for Fave SciFi/Fantasy Show!!! fans u r AMAZING!

@jarpad and #JensenAckles on the stage!

Jared Padalecki‏ @jarpad Y’all really are the most amazing and supportive fans. Thanks for all the votes, and congrats on your wins 🙂

Jensen gets hands on with Danneel and their babybump:

Danneel HarrisAckles‏ @DanneelHarris #SPNFamily congrats supernatural fandom!!! Best fans!!! Duh!

Lauren Tom‏ @LaurenTom9000 I’m still grinning! I had a blast going thru that with U! U guys are a powerful bunch,the best kind of folk–strong,loyal,funny,&giving

Clif Kosterman‏ @bodyguard4JandJ we won we won we won the best fans ever

Jim Michaels‏ @TheJimMichaels Thanks from all of the #supernatural crew here #Vancouver! You just made our night! Now let’s get the fandom theirs!

Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad You did it guys!!!!!! Woohoo!!!! Congratulations!!!
Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Jared and Jensen on stage

* Love this pic!

* Another great pic of Jared and Jensen
* So proud of our guys!
* Jared and Gen during Ellen Degeneres’ acceptance speech

Supernatural Wiki ‏@SuperWiki Gen and @jarpad on the red carpet via @peopleschoice!/peopleschoice/media/slideshow? …
Danneel looks so gorgeous and sparkly!

Danneel HarrisAckles‏ @DanneelHarris Many thanks to my AMAZING hair and make up team @Dedrawhitt and @mitchstonehair! Ready for a fun night!!!

Supernatural Wiki‏ @SuperWiki Gen and Jared ready for the red carpet look amazing!
Jared Padalecki ‏@jarpad Aight “People”! On the way 2 ur “Choice Awards” with my stunning wife @realGpad .No matter what happens, we know SN fans are the best 🙂

Sci-fi Show e TV Fan Following..

Carina MacKenzie‏ @cadlymack Jensen Ackles’ face is a national treasure.

* Ackles x 3

* Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki get matchy at People’s Choice Awards 2013: ‘Supernatural’ snags award …

Why Would I Tell? ‏@Phoenix_RangerI think it’s hilarious that Nathan Fillon basically said, that he thought that Jensen should have won the award.

* Jensen’s face when Jared was thanking their wives, that is a look of pure love & affection right there!

* Jensen and Jared Backstage Tonight at the PCA’s and being absolutely too adorkable for words.


Jensen, Danneel and her baby bump!

Genevieve Padalecki‏ @realGpad Here we go people!

Look at those smiles!

Jason Manns‏ @jasonmanns No surprise of course, but congrats to the #SPNFamily for being the best fans around! I’ve been saying it for years!!


“Hunteri Heroici” is a fabulous, looney hit! Andrew Dabb, aka “the writer”, gave us drama, fun toon antics and the ol’ serious one-two punch hanging over both Sam and Castiel: you can run but you can’t hide. Guest star Mike Ferrell(Fred Jones), portrays a ‘living in his own world’ aged person who also has strong telekinetic powers. Fred sits day in and day out watching cartoons, living in a world of his own making until an evil doctor realizes his powers. Hence, the looney tune capers begin with a man’s heart literally exploding out of his chest, all over his girlfriend in typical Supernatural form. Castiel then gets zapped into heaven for his ‘this is your repayment’ lecture from Naomi. ‘Repayment for what?’ we ask. So “what’s up Doc?”, let the show begin!

We find “Baby’ and the gang getting sustenance. Sam checks up on the Trans and Castiel has turned off his angel radio antenna. Cass desires to do good so announces that he’s wants to be a hunter. He has discovered “one of their kind of cases” so a hunter he is! Shotgun he’s not when Sam forcefully relegates him to the back seat.

A snarky detective shares her take on the “heartbroken” victim and Castiel takes over with his angelic abilities. Positive: Cass eliminates all sorts of physical stuff by smelling the victim. Negative: not so much help. Sam and Dean figure out that the fella was having an affair. Dean triggers a Sam flashback with the line “living a lie” which just gives more credence against any real relationship between Sam and Amelia. Sam has found a house for them to live in and Amelia’s Dad, Stan, is coming to visit. Stan, who is ex-military, doesn’t think too much of Sam and regards him to be a ‘fixer-upper’.

In real-time, the threesome question the victim’s wife and Castiel confidently announces his ability to do so. After slamming his hands on the table and accusing the wife of murder, easy Sam takes over. The wife has nothing to hide and after admitting to an open marriage, Dean thinks she’s the best wife ever. No clues here but a call about a suicidal jumper gets their attention.

The jumper appears to have walked on air for several seconds before plunging to his death. This and the exploding heart leads Dean straight to cartoon involvement. Dean wants Castiel to hop into heaven and listen up for any info but Cass refuses, he’s turned off his angelic link. Cass has no idea about cartoons so after viewing Wylie Coyote chasing the Road Runner and never catching him, Cass compares them to man futilely chasing God. Castiel the never-ending angel!

Another crime occurs that seems to be on the crazy side. A massive anvil squishes a security guard during a bank robbery. There’ve been similar robberies with a giant black spot left on the wall. Sam checks them out while Dean and Cass uncover an X under the anvil…. like X marks the spot.

Back at the hotel room, Dean researches on the computer while Castiel reads John’s journal. Dean broaches Castiel perusing Heaven again and Cass responds vehemently. A thoughtful Dean responds by sitting in front of Cass, “Talk to me.” Because of the devastation that he’s caused in Heaven, Castiel believes that he would kill himself if he entered Heaven again. I think that this is his own internal spiritual protection.

Sam not only discovers a common location between the robberies but also funny things happening within fifty yards of each crime. Dean jokes that it’s “wabbit hunting season” and Cass replies “I don’t think you pronounced that correctly.” Love, love, love having Castiel back!

The location is Sunset Fields where Cass interrogates a cat, Dean mostly smiles and Sam recognizes an old friend of John’s, Fred Jones. An aide expresses to Sam that the guests tune out and live in their heads which causes Sam to remember meeting Amelia’s dad. Stan asks Sam if he ever served because he has that look: the look of somebody who has seen a lot of crap that made him start running. Crap that makes him want to grab hold of something and hang on. Stan asks, “What are you running from, Sam?”

The guys locate Fred Jones who has super-duper toon powers in spite of living zoned out. Cass asks, “Do we kill him?” A doctor hears this and kicks them out of the facility. Later, Fred blows up a birthday cake but no old folks. As the guys leave, Cass spots a bracelet that belongs to a guest. The nurse’s boyfriend gave it to her so the three leave to find the boyfriend. The boyfriend has been shot by the doctor who plans on killing Fred. Castiel heals the guy and gets the info needed to hunt down the doctor’s last heist.

Dean enter the bank through a large, black, spot and Cass and Sam find Fred. Dean’s fight with the doc is straight out of Looney Tunes which includes Dean in a mid-air still, leaping for the doctor. After a wrestling match, Dean pulls his gun and fires ‘bang’. The doc tells Dean that’s what he gets for bringing a gun to a gag fight!

Meanwhile, Sam is frustrated that Fred can’t speak with them. Castiel lays his hands on Fred’s and the three land inside of Fred’s tv land. Sam lectures Fred about living more in his dream world than in the real world which effects both he and Cass. Sam’s last flashback is sharing to Stan that he lost his brother, that’s why he was running. Amelia gets a phone call and announces that dead husband Don is actually alive.

Fred checks into the land of the living long enough to cause the evil doc to shoot himself(gads!). Castiel finishes his angel duties hanging out with Fred which is endearing but not before Naomi calls him up. Castiel declares to her that he won’t run anymore from the pain he caused in Heaven.

I loved all the funny bits of this episode, I loved how the three hunters interacted and I especially loved hunter Castiel! Dabb wrote a wonderful, oddball story for our hunters who normally bog down in blood, guts and gore. The naive, nerd angel is scarred but back and Sam’s life with Amelia has inched forward. “Citizen Fang” is the midseason finale so til then… stay supernatural!

“Hunteri Heroici” facts:


“A Little Slice of Kevin” gave the fandom all sorts of secrets and new bits. Written by Brad Buckner and Eugene Ross-Leming, Supernatural appears to be back on track and headed closer to shutting down the gates of Hell. Castiel returns, Crowley has no tolerance for the Winchesters and the Winchesters are talking. The world is as it should be….. other than pinky-less Kevin. But lets begin with the demon teacher stealing a kindergartener.

Supernatural utilizes kids in such an eerie way that I was relieved for the young tyke to be kidnapped as opposed to being a monster. Taking the child was a good introduction to the episode.

Cruising down the road, Dean sees Castiel walking but when he stops, no Castiel. Cass later explains that he wasn’t at full power to totally return from Purgatory so Dean just gets glimpses but no twinkie. Dean doesn’t tell Sam that he’s seen Castiel’s apparition which gives me pause. Sam locates several weather omens linked with kidnapped people ranging from kids to grownups and so finds a job.

I’m so glad to see Samandriel but hate him being tortured! Crowley is seriously nurturing his “King of Hell’ title. I have to think he’s feeling the whole “closing the gates of Hell” squeezing him just a bit. No more fun and games between Crowley and the boys. Great fandom shout out when Crowley says, “no, no, and no!” This is Mark Sheppard’s typical response to anything that Richard Speight asks of him at Supernatural Conventions! Samandriel does share that the next generation of prophets have yet to be born. Something to tuck away inside of our little trivia brains. When a prophet dies, a new one appears. Chuck is dead hence Kevin but Rob Benedict(Chuck) has stated more than once that he was actually god.

Crowley has the group of prophets gathered together and of course they believe aliens have abducted them. What else? When one of the prophets questions Crowley, he’s killed which encourages the others to attempt reading the tablet.

Mrs. Tran douses Kevin in holy water which she proficiently and persistently does. She’s decided to be proactive and gathers demon bomb making materials rather than the two be continually in hiding. Seems Mrs. Tran found a witch who can help her acquire those needful ingredients. Positive here: the witch has the ingredients. The negative: she can be bought which of course happens. Crowley whisks Kevin off for fun and torture leaving a demon goon behind to kill Mrs. Tran. Momma Tran has no intention of making her death easy and using her giant, holy water filled supersoaker, she takes the demon down.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean investigate the child kidnapping. When Dean quizzes the teacher about the incident, Sam slyly recites an exorcism into his phone. She is no longer possessed but acknowledges the smell of sulphur, demon residual.

Later, Sam sleeps as Dean researches in the dark and he again sees Castiel. They both get up and Dean admits to Sam that he’s seen Cass twice now. Dean’s guilt about not getting Castiel out of Purgatory is a major focus but Sam tells him “Survivor’s guilt, got to walk past it.” Possibly words that Sam repeated for a year while Dean was gone? I think so.

Leaning over the sink to wash up, Dean straightens up to have Cass physically standing right behind him.

Dean is incredulous and Cass is filthy from Purgatory. It seems the angel has no recollection of how he was pulled out other than it wasn’t Dean. The best line in the episode was Dean’s, “Sammy, I remember every second of leaving that place. I mean I remember the heat, the stink, the pain, the fear. I have that whole ugly mess right here… and he says he has no idea how he got out? I’m just not buying it.” Dean recalls Purgatory and slicing his arm open to let Benny in. The portal was a wonderful special effect with Dean stepping into but Castiel slipping out of his grip. Dean mentioned earlier that Cass should’ve tried harder and that was spot on.

Castiel can no longer endure Dean’s feeling responsible for him staying in Purgatory. Cass touches his forehead which allows Dean to see truth: Cass chose to let got of his arm, he wasn’t leaving Purgatory. Staying in Purgatory was his penance, very Dean-like.

The Winchesters receive a call from Mrs. Tran only because Kevin has been kidnapped. She shows up with the demon tied up in her trunk and Dean pulls his knife out to torture Kevin’s location out him.

Crowley works Kevin over fairly well but he hasn’t said anything about the tablet. Because more pain works, Crowley chops off Kevin’s finger. Kevin sidenote mentions Metatron who is an angelic scribe and an archangel. We also find out there are more tablets.

The captured demon gives up Kevin’s location so the four arrive for the rescue. Dean handcuffs Mrs. Tran to the steering wheel and he also tells Cass to stay back for his own protection. Before the Winchesters can confront Crowley, Castiel takes the stage, seems like he’s gotten his angel mojo back. Crowley smirks at Cass for trying to protect the group and Castiel “angels out”, black wings and all. The demon tablet gets broken and Crowley disappears.

Sam sends the Trans to Garth for protection. While Cass is talking to Dean, he gets zapped to what looks like heaven with an angel named Naomi(Amanda Tapping) in charge. She wants Castiel to go to the Winchesters when they call and to report back to her. Castiel refuses and Naomi continues to smile while informing Cass that he won’t remember the conversation. This entire scene opened up the ‘angels manipulating humans’ can. It would be a nice, easy explanation: Sam lived for a year without looking for Dean because he was mind controlled into it. Naomi ‘could be’ the person lurking outside Sam’s house that we saw. What are YOUR thoughts?

You know the old adage: without the bad how do you know what’s good? Life has to have heaven and hell. If the gates of hell were closed, where would the evil ones go/be? I don’t think this can occur so Castiel is once again assigned to further heaven’s and mankind’s best interest without being in the know. My thought. I also think that Riot, Sam’s ex-dog, will somehow be involved supernaturally rather than Amelia.

sweetondeanThis ep took us back to our original love: the Winchesters fighting together, not each other with Castiel as their wingman. The boys have full-out emerged as men in looks and in actions and I realize that as the Winchesters have grown, so have my expectations. “A Little Slice of Kevin” soothed the fandom beast and gave us morsels to chew on in regards to ‘figuring out’ what will, can and should happen! Our next feeding is in two weeks “Hunteri Heroci.” til then…. stay supernatural.