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New star coming to Supernatural

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Once again I got big news for you Supernatural fans, it seems that Supernatural has casted a new character. Ask Ausiello has the scoop on who this new character.

Warning:Has big spoiler for big character! You have been warned!


An old Character comes back

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It would seem that a character we really did not get to meet will be coming back for next season.’s Ausiello Files has the scoop on what or who is coming to Supernatural.

[Please be warned that this link has spoilers for next season]


Who is coming back?

I been hearing different things about different Supernatural conventions, when I had a thought…Why not put up all the different Supernatural Conventions for people to see! So without anymore of me talking here, there you are.

Asylum 4:House of the Holy

This convention is almost sold out, so try and get you tickets now! Asylum 4

Asylum ‘Europe’:No Rest for the Wicked
Europe + Supernatural= Greatness. Enough said. Asylum Europe

Hell Hounds

This convention is all about our favorite Ghostfacers. So if you a fan of the Ghostfacers then you need to go to this. Hell Hounds

Asylum 5:Feast of the Dead
October 30th-November 1st 2010

Because of the high demand of tickets for next year’s asylum, Rogue events has decided that they will make another asylum in the same year! Tickets have not gone on sale yet and so far none of the cast has said that they will be there, but with this asylum just being announced, I’m guessing that things are just to early to be decided. So till then I will keep you guys posted.

Salute to Supernatural Chicago 2009

If you or someone you know lives in Chicago and love Supernatural, then this is for you. Salute to Supernatural Chicago

Salute to Supernatural Vancouver 2009
Fri., Sat. & Sun.
August 28-30, 2009
Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre
1088 Burrard St.
Vancouver, BC

If you’re one of the lucky ones to be able to go to this convention, then boy! are you in for a treat!  There are going to be On Set and Location Tours. Of course you have to buy tickets for this, but hey…why not? Salute to Supernatural Vancouver

Salute to Supernatural New Jersey 2010
Salute to Supernatural Los Angeles 2010
Salute to Supernatural Vancouver 2010

Now if you still have not guess it, this is for next year. Tickets are not yet on sale,so check back often on these.

KazCon 09

A convention held where our boys were born and raised! I must be in heaven! These is a must for any fans living close by. KazCon09

WinchesterCon 09
October 9-11, 2009 Denver, CO

This convention is going to have the first ever Winprom! I have to see pics of this. WinchesterCon09

WinchestMidwest 09
Chicago, Illinois July 10th – 12th 2009.

You can do bunch of stuff like ride in the Impala(not the one from the show),sing your heart out to some classic rock karaoke or go on a Supernatural treasure hunt, plus more. WinchestMidwest 09

Jus In Bello Convention 2010

For all you Rome fans,this one is for you. The website is still underworks, so no info just yet. But check back often. Jus In Bello

The Mystic Carnival Convention

This convention is being postponed till 2010.No new news has been released. Once again check back often for more news. Mystic Carnival

                   Conventions that need are help to make it happen

Rising Con-Supernatural Spain Convention

People in Spain need your help to bring a Supernatural Convention to their hometown. Check out the site and bring Supernatural to Spain. Rising Con

Argentina Supernatural Convention

The people behind make this convention are working hard. They are all ready half way there,and I believe that in a couple of months we will be hearing about this convention. Check out all the details on the site. Argentina Supernatural Convention

And now for some sad news, everyone know about San Diego International Comic-Con 09. I for one really wanted to go,but as I checked the website,I got sad news. All tickets are sold out! So if you were hoping to go, sorry to give you the bad news.

New video of Jensen

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Well today is one of those days were everything that could go wrong, just does. But I not here to talk about my day. Here is a cool little of Jensen talking to CW Source about the finale and what he would like to see happen next season.

P.S. I love the new work Jensen!

So its other boring day for me here at home and there’s really no supernatural news today, so whats a girl to do? 

Well go on Youtube of course!

So as I was surfing the great world of Youtube,and I found some pretty sweet stuff on there that I think needs more viewers. So what better way then to put then up on this wonderful blog.

The first video is from a person who knows her classic movies. Me being a movie person myself, I just love this video. So take a look at Ash4897’s Supernatural:At the Movies

Then there this fantastic video of an AU Sam and Dean.I’m a big fan of SecretlyToDream videos,this girl know how to vid. You have to check out her channel and check out her awesome video of Supernatural. So here is SecretlyToDream’s Monsters

I never been a fan of crossover videos, but this girl made me one. With her many different ships of characters, my favorite would have to be Daley!Now if you don’t know what Daley is,then let me clear it up for you;its Dean from Supernatural and Haley from One Tree Hill. I never be a fan of One Tree Hill but with these different vids,I learn to love this couple. So I have to give it out to my girl Gaby0189, for this wonderful vid. So here it is Gaby0189’s Careless Whisper

And for the icing on top, that would have to be SmokeyFiizz’s Warning:Your computer is overheating|Shooting Star|. Once again I a big fan of SmokeyFiizz(so check out their channel), two sister who team up to do hot videos. And this vid is just great eyecandy for all the Jensen and Jared fans out there.

So if you like what you see and what more then here is the links to these 5 amazing people and their channels.

Supernatural Fever!Update!

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Maybe it the change in the weather or maybe it the growing fan base of the show but whatever it is, supernatural fever has finally come!  There’s more news on supernatural that I ever seen before, and all this before we really hit summer! What’s a poor girl  to do? Duh! Write about it!


  • The first good pieces of news is on Spoiler.TV.It seems that Supernatural has put out a casting call for a very important character (Please be warned, this is a spoiler for Season 5, so if you don’t want to know anything about new characters, don’t click) So here the link go check it out.


  • It seems that Jim Beaver(Bobby) is going to have a guest staring role on the show Psych. Here on his Myspace, he give a small shot out to being on set.


  • TV Guide Magazine has all so jumped on the Supernatural train ride. They made a great list on TV’s Top 100 Episodes of All Time. Even if Supernatural made it to #95, it still a great start! Click the link


  • You know that Supernatural is getting bigger when it start appearing on E! Kristin, who has a column on, has gone Supernatural crazy on her column. Go check out these two links: link and other link. (P.S. She gives a little spoiler on a angel who might be back for Season 5)


  • And on the last good note of Supernatural news would have to be on our favorite prophet Chuck. So rumors have been flying around, that Chuck won’t be back next season, so if your like me and a bit worried then check out Supernatural Hunter’s Addict blog on if our fun loving prophet will be reaturning  next season.

UPDATE: Supernatural Season 5 starts September 10th!

So finally the movie that I heard so little about is on DVD. I really don’t know what to say about this movie. Along with My Bloody Valentine, I have not seen the new Friday the 13th movie.I’m a big fan of the classic horror movies, so to see one of my favorites being remade…well I died a little inside. So as to not judge a book(or movie in this case)by its cover, I’ll just keep it plain and simple. Friday the 13th comes out on DVD and Blue-Ray on June 16. And if you’re a fan of bonus content like me, then you most likely get the Extended Killer Cut DVD. I will be checking this out to see just how good the film is and to see if it does the first Friday the 13th justice and to check out just how good Jared Padalecki can act in this horror film.


The Extended Killer Cut is on both the Blue-Ray and the DVD.



  • Killer Cut
  • Theatrical Release and Extended Edition,Plus Special Features exclusively on Blue-Ray
  • Terror Trivia Track– Test your knowledge of this Long-running Franchise-Including Exclusive Making -of-Picture-in Picture footage-All while watching the movie.
  • Hacking Back/Slashing Forward-Remember the Groundbreaking Original Movie(In High Definition)
  • The 7 best kills-See how all are diabolically done(In hight Definition)
  • BD Live Intereactivity
  • Explore the rebirth of Jason Vorhees for a New Moviegoing Era(In High Definition)
  • Additional Slashed Scenes


Dvd:Killer Cut

  • Extended Edition & Bonus Features
  • The Rebirth of Jason Vorhees
  • Additional Slashed Scenes



  • Theatrical Edition Includes Widescreen Version

Here the links to order you a copy:
Extended Killer Cut