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Latest From TV Line (12-22-11)

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Supernatural | Speaking of TV shows flashing back to the 1940s – and we were – The CW has shared a provocative vittle about the Jan. 13 episode of Supernatural, in which the God of Time (Veronica Mars‘ Jason Dohring) sends Dean to 1944, where he is promptly cuffed by Eliot Ness (X-Files‘ Nicholas Lea). According to the official synopsis for the episode, “While trying to figure out how to retrieve his brother [from the past], Sam is surprised by the reappearance of an old friend.” Thus far, we’ve got two theories on this blast from the past. One, maybe Bobby is revealed as dead in the winter premiere (airing Jan. 6), and he’s the one who resurfaces. Or, Sam crosses paths with Sheriff Jody Mills, which jibes with actress Kim Rhodes’ recent tweet that she will reappear in an upcoming episode. What’s your theory, Superfans? (And keep in mind, it’ll be a couple weeks too soon for this return.)


“Time After Time After Time” Friday, January 13

JASON DOHRING  (“RINGER,” “VERONICA MARS”) AND NICHOLAS LEA (“THE X-FILES”) GUEST STAR; DEAN  GETS STUCK IN THE ‘40S — Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) tangle  with the God of Time (guest star Jason Dohring), who sends Dean back to 1944,  where he is immediately arrested by none other than the one and only Eliot Ness  (guest star Nicholas Lea). While trying to figure out how to retrieve his  brother, Sam is surprised by the reappearance of an old friend. Phil Sgriccia  directed the episode written by Robbie Thompson (#712).


People’s Choice 2012 Preview

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Supernatural 7.11 synopsis (Jan. 6) “Adventures in Babysitting”

“ONCE  UPON A TIME” ACTRESS MEGHAN ORY GUEST STARS — Still reeling after what happened  to Bobby (Jim Beaver), Dean (Jensen Ackles) becomes dangerously obsessed over  finding a way to take down Dick Roman (guest star James Patrick Stuart).  Meanwhile, Sam (Jared Padalecki) decides to help a teenage girl (guest star  Madison Mclaughlin) look for her father (guest star Ian Tracey), a hunter who  has gone missing. Sam traces his last steps to a truck stop where the help  (guest star Meghan Ory) turns out not to be so friendly. Jeannot Szwarc directed  the episode written by Adam Glass.


Misha Collins Interview

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Reps for the show informed us that they couldn’t give  specific details about Collins’ return or which other episodes the actor would  be appearing in, so AOL TV went straight to the source. Though Collins admitted  that he couldn’t reveal much, he would offer one tantalizing hint about what  fans can expect when he makes his much-anticipated return …
“I can  confirm that the character of Castiel is returning to ‘Supernatural,'” he told  us. “I’m not supposed to talk about any details, but I will tell you this: The  character is coming back somewhat changed. I’m not going to tell you everything,  but I will tell you that the “new” Castiel no longer wears  undergarments.”

Season 7 Set Photos (12/6/11)

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Misha Collins Returns To Supernatural

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It’s official: Misha Collins is set return to The CW’s Supernatural later this season.

Specifically, a spokesperson for Warner Bros. TV says that Collins will appear as a guest star in Episode 17 as well as in “at least two additional episodes” beyond that — though not necessarily as fallen angel Castiel.