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Episode 8.05 “Blood Brother”

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Episode 8.05 – Blood Brother
Two roles are being cast for the episode: Andrea Magnuson, happy at resuming a relationship with an old love; and The Old Man, who appears to be a nice young man but is really an ancient and evil vampire.

NNEKA CROAL will play the role of Coroner.


The remarkably durable Supernatural is going into Season 8 this fall, and is showing little sign of slowing down. In fact, in a vote of confidence, The CW is moving the show from Friday nights to Wednesdays, paired with their new series, Arrow.

Supernatural has a new showrunner this fall, Jeremy Carver. While Carver’s last couple of years were spent on the US version of Being Human, he’s no stranger to Sam andDean Winchester, having written for Supernatural for several seasons in the early days.

I recently spoke to Carver about taking the reins of the show from previous showrunner Sera Gamble, his plans for Sam and Dean in Season 8 and more about what’s to come this year.

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Latest From Kristin (8/7/12)

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Melissa: You’ve been lacking on the Supernatural scoop! Make it up to us, please?
While Misha Collins is set to appear in “a minimum of eight” episodes, per CW president Mark Pedowitz, it seems like fans will only be seeing him (at least in the beginning of the season) in flashbacks to purgatory. “You’re certainly going to see more of him in terms of understanding what happened in purgatory, and that’s as far as we’re going, because it’s fairly significant what happened in purgatory,” new showrunner Jeremy Carver teases of Castiel’s role in season eight. As for Dean’s mental state post-purgatory and if it will at all resemble his post-hell experience in season four? “Purgatory has a very different effect—and different types of beings that are down there,” Carver tells us. “Just because he’s driven and he’s very into hunting, it doesn’t mean all is well.”


Latest From EW (8/3/12)

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Anything on Supernatural this season? Or on Sam’s love interest? THANKS!! — Carly
She’s the real deal. Not a fling. Not a pipe dream (sorry, Lisa). Like, a possible lady for a lifetime. “To say that he has met a woman who could stand as the love of his life to this point, would not be an overstatement,” says new EP Jeremy Carver. “It’s a meaningful relationship.”