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This video is by BurntOutYesterdays and it’s called The Things That You Dream|Dean Winchester. A little trip back to season 3 Dean.

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Comic-Con 2011 Press Room

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Question: It’s really looking like Cas is going to be killed off in Episode 2 of Supernatural. Can you give us any hope at all that he’ll survive beyond that? —Tabitha
Nope, and neither can his portrayer Misha Collins. “I would love to tell you [but] I’m not going to,” he told TVLine over the weekend at Comic-Con. “I don’t like to give away secrets…  You might see me a lot next year. If you have a poster of me on your wall, you’ll see me daily. But how much I’ll be on Supernatural is a secret. And I actually don’t know. That makes it easier to not tell you.” When we do see Cas, he will be “drunk with power,” reveals Collins. “He’s trying to do what he thinks a God should be doing on Earth and in Heaven, which is fairly righteous and wrathful. Rectifying the world’s problems. I think he’s making, in many respects, the world a better place. But there’s a fair amount of smiting going on too. You take the good with the bad.”

Question: Any Supernatural spoilers? Please? —Nic
Look for Sam and Dean’s already difficult lives to get even tougher. After years of skirting the law, the boys are “starting to be found,” Jared Padalecki teased at Comic-Con, which means the Winchesters are “losing a lot of our aces in the hole.” Adds executive producer Ben Edlund, “We’ve been saying that they do things a certain way. Their techniques, their methods – they know what they’re doing. They know their job. They have their support networks. Those things in their lives are going to challenged.” Insert the Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid feel showrunner Sera Gamble teased to us back in May, and, “They’re going to find themselves, in a sense, running from lots of guns,” continues Edlund. “The stuff they face this season, it’s massive.” But Edlund believes there’s still room for laughs. “There’s a natural absurdity to being on the air for seven seasons and the number of times they’ve died,” he says. “There’s a quality that’s going to lend itself to a little more ambient comedy this year.”

This video is by TheKG2002 ad it’s called SPN//Crack Times Infinity Pt 5. Enjoy a little laugh.

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Comic-Con 2011: Supernatural Panel

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This video is by Lawliettte2 and it’s called Can’t Trust Your Enemy.

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Supernatural Season 7 Comic Con Promo

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