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Latest From Kristin (11/30/12)

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Dina: Hearing a theory floating around that Sam’s girlfriend Amelia isn’t real on Supernatural. Got any scoop on that?
Our source close to the show tells us that a love triangle of sorts is coming up between Sam, Amelia and her not so dead ex-husband, so we’re assuming she’s pretty darn real. (Sorry, we guess?)


Tonight a light high on a hoist above Cambie Street in Gastown lit up the alley that runs diagonally to West Cordova where two 1950s era vehicles were parked. Add smoke machines and a strobe light to simulate lightning and it looks like we have the setting for a Cary Grant-style cult member named Henry to travel from 1958 to 2013 when episode 8×12 — As Time Goes By — will air.

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Latest From Zap2it (11/20/12)

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Zap2it was on set during filming of this episode, so we can reveal that Martin learns that Benny has returned to his hometown and is working at a diner under an assumed name. It’s not long before — surprise, surprise — people start turning up dead from… er… animal attacks.

We’ve heard that one before.

Martin is sure that Benny is behind the killings, and when he confronts the Winchesters, Dean is furious with Sam for going behind his back. Sam does his best to give Dean the benefit of the doubt, though, and despite Martin’s protests, he agrees to give Dean some extra time to find out if Benny is guilty… and how to handle it.

The episode also features Kathleen Munroe, of “Haven,” “Alphas,” and “CSI: NY” as Elizabeth, a local who works with Benny. It’s about time Dean got his flirt on again.


“A Little Slice of Kevin” gave the fandom all sorts of secrets and new bits. Written by Brad Buckner and Eugene Ross-Leming, Supernatural appears to be back on track and headed closer to shutting down the gates of Hell. Castiel returns, Crowley has no tolerance for the Winchesters and the Winchesters are talking. The world is as it should be….. other than pinky-less Kevin. But lets begin with the demon teacher stealing a kindergartener.

Supernatural utilizes kids in such an eerie way that I was relieved for the young tyke to be kidnapped as opposed to being a monster. Taking the child was a good introduction to the episode.

Cruising down the road, Dean sees Castiel walking but when he stops, no Castiel. Cass later explains that he wasn’t at full power to totally return from Purgatory so Dean just gets glimpses but no twinkie. Dean doesn’t tell Sam that he’s seen Castiel’s apparition which gives me pause. Sam locates several weather omens linked with kidnapped people ranging from kids to grownups and so finds a job.

I’m so glad to see Samandriel but hate him being tortured! Crowley is seriously nurturing his “King of Hell’ title. I have to think he’s feeling the whole “closing the gates of Hell” squeezing him just a bit. No more fun and games between Crowley and the boys. Great fandom shout out when Crowley says, “no, no, and no!” This is Mark Sheppard’s typical response to anything that Richard Speight asks of him at Supernatural Conventions! Samandriel does share that the next generation of prophets have yet to be born. Something to tuck away inside of our little trivia brains. When a prophet dies, a new one appears. Chuck is dead hence Kevin but Rob Benedict(Chuck) has stated more than once that he was actually god.

Crowley has the group of prophets gathered together and of course they believe aliens have abducted them. What else? When one of the prophets questions Crowley, he’s killed which encourages the others to attempt reading the tablet.

Mrs. Tran douses Kevin in holy water which she proficiently and persistently does. She’s decided to be proactive and gathers demon bomb making materials rather than the two be continually in hiding. Seems Mrs. Tran found a witch who can help her acquire those needful ingredients. Positive here: the witch has the ingredients. The negative: she can be bought which of course happens. Crowley whisks Kevin off for fun and torture leaving a demon goon behind to kill Mrs. Tran. Momma Tran has no intention of making her death easy and using her giant, holy water filled supersoaker, she takes the demon down.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean investigate the child kidnapping. When Dean quizzes the teacher about the incident, Sam slyly recites an exorcism into his phone. She is no longer possessed but acknowledges the smell of sulphur, demon residual.

Later, Sam sleeps as Dean researches in the dark and he again sees Castiel. They both get up and Dean admits to Sam that he’s seen Cass twice now. Dean’s guilt about not getting Castiel out of Purgatory is a major focus but Sam tells him “Survivor’s guilt, got to walk past it.” Possibly words that Sam repeated for a year while Dean was gone? I think so.

Leaning over the sink to wash up, Dean straightens up to have Cass physically standing right behind him.

Dean is incredulous and Cass is filthy from Purgatory. It seems the angel has no recollection of how he was pulled out other than it wasn’t Dean. The best line in the episode was Dean’s, “Sammy, I remember every second of leaving that place. I mean I remember the heat, the stink, the pain, the fear. I have that whole ugly mess right here… and he says he has no idea how he got out? I’m just not buying it.” Dean recalls Purgatory and slicing his arm open to let Benny in. The portal was a wonderful special effect with Dean stepping into but Castiel slipping out of his grip. Dean mentioned earlier that Cass should’ve tried harder and that was spot on.

Castiel can no longer endure Dean’s feeling responsible for him staying in Purgatory. Cass touches his forehead which allows Dean to see truth: Cass chose to let got of his arm, he wasn’t leaving Purgatory. Staying in Purgatory was his penance, very Dean-like.

The Winchesters receive a call from Mrs. Tran only because Kevin has been kidnapped. She shows up with the demon tied up in her trunk and Dean pulls his knife out to torture Kevin’s location out him.

Crowley works Kevin over fairly well but he hasn’t said anything about the tablet. Because more pain works, Crowley chops off Kevin’s finger. Kevin sidenote mentions Metatron who is an angelic scribe and an archangel. We also find out there are more tablets.

The captured demon gives up Kevin’s location so the four arrive for the rescue. Dean handcuffs Mrs. Tran to the steering wheel and he also tells Cass to stay back for his own protection. Before the Winchesters can confront Crowley, Castiel takes the stage, seems like he’s gotten his angel mojo back. Crowley smirks at Cass for trying to protect the group and Castiel “angels out”, black wings and all. The demon tablet gets broken and Crowley disappears.

Sam sends the Trans to Garth for protection. While Cass is talking to Dean, he gets zapped to what looks like heaven with an angel named Naomi(Amanda Tapping) in charge. She wants Castiel to go to the Winchesters when they call and to report back to her. Castiel refuses and Naomi continues to smile while informing Cass that he won’t remember the conversation. This entire scene opened up the ‘angels manipulating humans’ can. It would be a nice, easy explanation: Sam lived for a year without looking for Dean because he was mind controlled into it. Naomi ‘could be’ the person lurking outside Sam’s house that we saw. What are YOUR thoughts?

You know the old adage: without the bad how do you know what’s good? Life has to have heaven and hell. If the gates of hell were closed, where would the evil ones go/be? I don’t think this can occur so Castiel is once again assigned to further heaven’s and mankind’s best interest without being in the know. My thought. I also think that Riot, Sam’s ex-dog, will somehow be involved supernaturally rather than Amelia.

sweetondeanThis ep took us back to our original love: the Winchesters fighting together, not each other with Castiel as their wingman. The boys have full-out emerged as men in looks and in actions and I realize that as the Winchesters have grown, so have my expectations. “A Little Slice of Kevin” soothed the fandom beast and gave us morsels to chew on in regards to ‘figuring out’ what will, can and should happen! Our next feeding is in two weeks “Hunteri Heroci.” til then…. stay supernatural.


Not only was “Southern Comfort” a makeover for Garth(DJ Qualls) but the Winchesters took orders from him! Not excluding the same name whiskey, Garth IS comforting and since Bobby isn’t around, needful. Bobby can’t be replaced but Garth gave it a good ol’ Southern boy try. Written by Adam Glass, Garth instructed hunters, ordered Sam and Dean around, and openly communicated his feelings. Let the Zenness begin!

I love Dean and Sam getting right to it concerning Benny, about Dean killing Amy, and about Sam possibly ganking Benny. Can we say ‘typical Winchester dilemma?”

“Kevin is in the wind, you’re sulking like a eunuch in a whorehouse and I have to ask myself: is a decapitation not just my thing?” Dean states so eloquently. So we know Kevin is still MIA, the boys are at odds with one another and Dean quickly finds a case via a police scanner. Arriving at the crime scene, a Texas Ranger is already on hand. I’m good friends with Rangers and I can promise you, they don’t do fringe! Garth however, is cowboyed out. Very unRanger-like, Garth gladly hugs the two, excited to see the Winchesters again.

While the three catch up, Garth answers calls from other hunters and advises them regarding their hunts. Dean ask Garth, “What are you doing?” Garth replies, “My job.” Sam is taken aback and asks, “Are you the new Bobby?” Dean of course replies with “shut your face” first to Sam and then to Garth at this ‘Bobby’ blasphemy. Garth takes control of the crime scene and this week’s monster is all about vengeance, getting back at perceived injustices via a penny.

Quizzing the first rage-aholic killer, a woman who married her childhood sweetheart, the three hunters find out about her husband’s indiscretion before their marriage. She kills her husband but has no memory of the murder, only a blind rage.

The Winchesters and Garth go eat in an obviously Confederate food establishment and Sam actually eats! Jared has stated before that he hates eating while filming. Also, has anyone noticed all of Sam’s facial hair scruff? Since the season has started, Sam is a bristle face!

Garth pushes Dean into answering where he spent the last year. “Purgatory, ya know, Purgatory Purgatory!” We then get the big scoop on how Garth became a hunter: he killed the Tooth Fairy! His first case which occurred after college and dental school. How could anyone eat and keep a straight face?

Investigating the first murder, Sam quizzes the “other” woman while Garth and Dean tag team the next crime scene where again the killer remembers nothing but kills in a blind rage. This time leaving the clue ‘Sussex’ written in blood.

Sam remembers his time with Amelia(Liane Balaban) where they really connect after ‘connecting’. Amelia shares about her not wanting to be pitied over her husband’s death. And correct me please, but when does anyone “let loose” sexually and then put clothes back on? Small detail….

Meanwhile Dean and Garth research the clues by computer and Bobby’s guidebook. Garth tries to be Bobby-like but Dean’s not having it! Garth is no Bobby! With his chin quivering, Garth lets Dean know that “Bobby belonged to everybody” which was true. Insightful Dean accepts that as a truth that he can handle. Garth discovers the monster, a specter, and realizes that a grave had been vandalized earlier for this ghost to have power for vengeance. The grave just happens to be the tomb of the Unknown Confederate Soldier.

At the third crime scene, someone is murdered and a second person has been hurt but left the location so Dean takes off to find him. Dean locates the deputy in the hospital where he and Dean fight and the murderous penny ends up in Dean’s palm.

Garth lets Sam know that he’s up for talking if Sam feels the need. Sam is reminded of Amelia and he thinks back to Amelia leaving. Her explanation continues a nonsensical trend, not much credibility with this relationship between Sam and her. I don’t dislike Amelia as many do but I feel like Amelia isn’t the real story here. There are no sparks and I think that Sam is needing a human link, hence damaged Amelia.

Sam and Garth enter the motel room where Dean is waiting for them. Dean doesn’t think twice about pulling his gun on Sam. Dean then proceeds to list Sam’s life mistakes from drinking demon blood to not looking for Dean because of a girl. This fight scene between the brothers was excellent and to throw Garth in the mix, smacking some sense into Dean, was perfect!

When Garth punches Dean to keep him from shooting Sam, the penny flies out of Dean’s hand which stops the spell. Dean has no clue what he has said or done. Garth reaches down to pick the penny up and Sams yells at him to stop. Laid back Garth shrugs the concern off and replies that “It’s all cool.” Garth doesn’t hold on to grudges so won’t be effected by the penny.

We finally get the entire story about the penny. Some kids invaded the Unknown Soldier’s tomb, picked up a penny which is normal then passed the penny on. This is the story. The brother’s story…. not so cut and dry.

Sam starts “Southern Comfort’ off wanting to talk it all out. Dean just says Benny is his friend and if another hunter kills him, that’s how it is. Dean later gets the vengeance bug and very strongly lays it all out for Sam. The reality is with the Winchesters, until they’re forced to come clean on how they feel, it’s not going to happen. So we get Dean’s black and white perspective. Sam just wants to move on with his own life and for Dean to let go of all the crap that has happened between them.

Growing is painful and Jeremy Carver has said that this season will be one of growth and maturity for the Winchesters. So is that going to hurt? My bet is yes. This fandom will continue to discuss loudly any and everything that causes rifts between the brothers. But the bottom line is this: the Winchesters get out of every situation and they will survive this! stay supernatural fandom..