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TVLine has learned exclusively that Supernatural has tapped Canning to guest  star as a lust interest for Jensen Ackles’ demon warrior.

She’ll play  Lydia, a character executive producer Sera Gamble describes as “wry,  independent, and as fun-loving as Dean.” Gamble adds that she and Dean “have a  memorable evening that takes an unexpected turn.”

The original casting  breakdown for Lydia took things a step further, describing their encounter as a “sizzling one-night stand.”
Canning will appear in Supernatural‘s 13th  episode (slated to air in late January).


Question: Dude… show some love. Where is the Supernatural scoop? — Robin Ausiello: During an upcoming visit to Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie — think Chuck-E-Cheese minus Chuck and possibly also the cheese — the Winchesters will run afoul of an employee who comes off like Peter Pan… but underneath is probably more like Captain Hook.

Episode 7.14 will be called “Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie” and will  feature a character called Howard. He works at Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical  Menagerie which is Chuck-e-cheese style place.


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Jackie: You guys have been slacking on the Supernatural scoop lately! Any idea what’s coming up on my favorite  show? Bobby’s (Jim Beaver) flirting with death  after that whole being shot in the head thing that happened last episode. So  where does he find himself? Purgatory! Yes, our beloved Bobby will be reliving  his life and will come across a dear old friend in the process: Rufus  (Steven Williams).


Ben Edlund…. What to even say about that man? This episode Ben addresses healthcare, fast food additives and gives Jim Beaver several Asian nods for Jim’s trip to Japan! Jim even tweeted during the show from Japan. We hear terms like “quality of life, food that slows down your metabolism and causes weight gain.” Cultural references include glamping, Pulp Fiction(a Supernatural favorite I think..) and my favorite, Jaws! This also is the quietest episode that Edlund has written, subtle and quiet. How many times can the word dick be used television, as in “The Rise of”? So let’s get to it friends!

Sleeping bags in a bed in the boonies get defined: glamping- upscale camping, with all the conveniences of home! The campers get taken and hearing the guy being lunch, I realized this was gonna be a gory ep! And it was. We go straight from the comforts of glamping to the horrors of the Winchester’s new low living. The boys are running wire to hook up electricity for their new digs, some back woods cabin. “Cold showers, cold hot pockets, cold frikking everything” Dean says. Sam replies with “The lights at the Motel 6 are not on.” Bobby brings up Frank Devereux in the beginning so we know the guys have access to high quality paranoia stuff. The quality of living seems to be getting to them and to Dean especially. The fellows are talking a case and Dean pops open a beer and lies down, physically removing himself from the discussion. He goes on a tirade about saving the world three times, why not just let it happen? This gives us insight into his frame of mind.

After the FBI Winchesters interrogate a stoned Ranger Rick who hasn’t gotten around to informing anyone else about his partners possible disappearance, they sit down with Bobby to talk over their findings and eat some Biggerson’s specials! Brandon the waiter has already gotten into it with Dean and still ends up being their waiter. Brandon drops the plates in front of the guys describing them as “Big Bird(Sam), Ken Doll(Dean) and the creepy uncle(Bobby)! Afterwards we hear Brandon quit, stomping out of the food joint in a rage. This is the story. Brandon, an experiment gone wrong. Bobby decides a hunting trip is needed to find the Jersey Devil. We discover some Bobby history: Bobby was an actual hunter before becoming a “hunter”, he grew up eating what he killed and he’s known these “boys” since they were very young. John Winchester dumped them at Bobby’s door with a six-pack in hand for pay. Bobby IS their surrogate Daddy.

The guys trek out to the woods for some all fashioned hunting, rifles and all. They locate the assistant ranger hanging high in the trees and they call Ranger Rick to come out for help. Ranger Rick gets there at dark, still stoned and gets taken by the Jersey Devil. The Devil hauls his body into the trees. Bobby goes all Karate Kid, telling the guys to turn off their lights, shut up and listen up! Closing his eyes to fire, Bobby nails the monster. Back in the cabin with the thing, the guys open it up, finding all sorts of nasty things that we can tell, smell really bad! Dean though, has no cares. Drinking, picking stuff of his jacket, he is hungry and emphatic about dinner. While eating, Sam notices that Dean is acting kinda piggish. Sam realizes that something is up with the Turducken Special(turkey, chicken and duck!) which most of the patrons are eating. While analyzing the sandwich which oozes smelly snot just like the monster, Dean goes into not caring about not caring. It’s truly funny but kinda not! Dean really doesn’t care. Stoned, Dean’s speak his truth.

We get two quiet conversations this episode, both with Bobby with the boys separately. Bobby finds out that Sam is still seeing Lucifer or that Sam is ok with seeing Lucifer. Either way, Bobby comments that Sam “always was a deep thinking little kid.” After Dean sobers up and starts in with the “I don’t care” conversation, Bobby tears into him about being not being a person, but more like the dead talking. “Whatever job you’re on, that’s who you are, a hunter.” Maybe a foreshadowing here but Bobby slams Dean hard with, “I’ll kill ya if you die before me!”

Back to the stake out, we see Brandon trussed up and being led into the warehouse. Bobby drags out a high-powered listening device that Devereux has provided. Seeing Dick Roman drive up, Bobby educates the boys on “The Rise of Dick. Dick doesn’t fear the hunters or anyone evidently. In this warehouse, the Doctor has been doing Leviathan experiments using the Turducken Special. The sandwich makes you complacent enough for the Leviathan to rule the world! The failed experiment here is Brandon who breaks the Leviathan rule of “there are no monsters!” Bobby listens and watches from a rooftop where we see the failed Doc, eat himself. Bobby also gets snatched, ending up in Dick’s office. Bobby tells Dick the boys won’t come because they’re outnumbered but we know that has never stopped them before! Sam and Dean walk through the front door with borax cleaning solution, firing it on the Leviathan to rescue Bobby. They all run out the door with Bobby bringing up the rear. Dick shoots at the van with Bobby barely making it into the van. When Sam gives Bobby his hat back, he notices the hole and becomes aware that Bobby is also shot. The episode ends with the boys yelling “Bobby”…

Well thank you Ben. It’s not enough that Dean has lost Cass, or that Sam’s head is broken or that Bobby has no home. Now we may have no Bobby! My thought is that Cass shows the next ep(I have no clue how) and will save Bobby. Or that Dean does something stupid because this ep sets up “Dean’s Perfect Storm”. And again, Cass shows up. Either scenario is feasible enough for Cass to escape from wherever horrible place he’s been stored, maybe one last big hurrah from our nerdy angel!

Thanksgiving is the next week so December 2 is our last ep before the mini-hellatus! So much to ponder, so much to wish for! I hang on to the fact that our boys will live to hunt another day. Such a small, tenuous hold… As always, let me know what YOU think! Til then… stay supernatural!

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Episode 7.10 “Death’s Door” Promo

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