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#607 “Family Matters” Infos

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Episode #607 named “Family Matters” will feature an ancient and savage Vampire called Richard.

At the Supernatural Convention held this weekend in Vancouver, Jensen Ackles confirmed that an element essential for Supernatural to continue for another season was in place – Jensen and co-star Jared Padalecki. had extended their contracts, originally for six years, for a further year and so would be ready to hop in the Impala if the CW ordered a seventh season of the show.

With the premiere of Season 6 a month away (September 24th), it may seem a bit premature to be speculating on the next season. But in the past couple of months there have been good portents around the three things – stars, network support and creative inspiration – needed to ensure the show continues.

It was CW president Dawn Ostroff who first hinted that the show may continue beyond Season 6. Her support was somewhat ironic given that many fans have felt that Supernatural has long been the treated like the red-headed stepchild of the network – undervalued, underpromoted, and not quite the right fit for the network’s target demographic.

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Episode 6.06 And Episode 6.07

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Episode 6.06 of Supernatural will be called “”Live Free or Twihard”

Episode 6.07 of Supernatural will be called “Family Matters”

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Latest From Fancast (08-24-10)

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Got anything on ‘Supernatural‘? – Beth
Jared Padalecki will seize the spotlight as Season 6 launches Sept. 24, when “Sam comes back under mysterious circumstances – as people tend to do when they get out of Hell!” show runner Sera Gamble shares with a chuckle. And though the bros have the Apocalypse behind them, don’t worry about them kicking back with historically disposable love interests. “No, what the boys need is to be hunters, to save people while probably suffering a lot in their personal life on every level,” says Gamble. “That’s what makes them heroes.”

Episode 6.05 Set Photos

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Latest From Ausiello (8/19/10)

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Question: What did CW prez Dawn Ostroff mean when she said at press tour that Dean will be like Sam and Sam will be like Dean on Supernatural this season? —Isaiah

Ausiello: Let’s ask exec producer Sera Gamble. “When we start the season we very consciously riffed a little bit on season 1 in that Dean is out of the business and Sam comes for him,” she explains. “When we started the series, Sam had attachments. He had a girlfriend he was really serious about, and he had retired from hunting essentially. Dean was this very intense hunter who came for his brother. On the surface anyway, the situation is reversed at the beginning of the season.”

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