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The Guest List!

Here to you, Jared and Genevieve. Hope for all the joy in the world.


‘Death’ Is Coming

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Supernatural fans you have been heard.

After ongoing protests online about the disappearance of the series from TEN, the network is poised to return the show.

Fans have been furious since TEN dropped the show in summer along with Stargate Universe.

TV Tonight understands the show will be returning soon to a late Monday night slot following the exit of Ross Noble’s Australian Trip.

TEN has the Melbourne International Comedy Festival: Roadshow airing on March 15.

Cross your fingers that it all works out for March 22nd at 10pm.


Supernatural.Tv, report that “Jensen is out due to scheduling conflicts!

Man, this suck! But that’s ok, we still have him for season 6!

Latest From Ausiello

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Question: I’ll send you some birthday cake if you give me some Supernatural scoop about the 100th episode. —Annie

In the milestone episode, airing April 15, “a very important character will sacrifice themselves in a suicide mission,” reveals exec producer Sera Gamble. “We definitely kept in mind that this was [an important] episode. We wanted to deliver something with real scope; it’s about the Archangel Michael. Crises will come to a head for Dean and Castiel. And you’ll see characters you never thought you’d see again.” Here’s the pan I want you to use for my cake.

Samantha Smith Is Back!

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Here’s what Samantha Smith posted on her facebook page :

Samantha Smith Hey all- look for Mary to return in a few weeks, when Supernatural is back on air. It’s a good one! Hope you’re all doing great!

Source:Samantha’s Facebook

Batman: Under The Red Hood

It was announced on February 10th, 2010 that Jensen has voiced Red Hood in a soon to be released animated DVD “Batman: Under the Red Hood” Source

He spoke about the role here:

There really wasn’t any heavy acting choices to make,” says Ackles regarding Red Hood. “It pretty much just bounced off the page, and I just tried to do it justice. With working in this medium, once you get clear on all the specific pronunciations and how the tone of the voice needs to rise and fall, it was really about focusing on the more emotional elements of the script, especially in the intense moments and trying to envision the scene with the characters. And envisioning yourself in that scenario. A lot of times if you can do that, if you can put yourself there, I think the voice follows suit.

Between his work on Supernatural and now the world of Batman, Ackles obviously has had some experience working in what has affectionately been called the “fan boy genre.”

The positives of working in this genre are that the fans are extremely devoted,” he offers. “People really invest themselves in these stories and characters, and the mythology behind them. To be a part of something that so many people really get behind and want more of is extremely gratifying.

* First look at Batman: Under the Red Hood Part One and Part Two – Jensen is featured at the 2:50s mark

The DVD will be released in October 2010