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Season 8 Recap By SpoilerTV

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Season eight of Supernatural begins with Dean’s return from Purgatory one year after having killed Dick Roman. He doesn’t return alone, however, and Dean’s first order of business is to return Benny’s soul to his remains. While it’s a bit shocking to realize that Dean has a vampire for a friend, we learn through flashbacks that Benny was a loyal friend to Dean in Purgatory and was the one who showed him how to get out. Dean and Sam are finally reunited back at Rufus’s cabin, though it’s never quite explained how Sam knew to come to the cabin. We learn that Sam has quit hunting and didn’t look for Dean or try to get him out of Purgatory. Sam hit a dog, met a girl, and settled down with her.

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Supernatural Season 8 Psycho Preview

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Can I ask who else was ecstatic over the ‘no fun’ Winchesters having a good ol’ time in larp-land and a battlefield? Yep… I knew it! So much fun in 42 minutes! ‘LARP and the Real Girl” did not disappoint! Writer Robbie Thompson, who tops my fav writer list, gave us fun, frolic and females. Charlie(Felicia Day) is back in play(in more ways than one) as Queen of Moondoor where it’s fun and games for some but for one nerd, Boltar the furious, it’s a life changing, control freak winner take all bubble. Let’s enter Moondoor….

Blaring “China Grove” in the Impala, Dean wants to have fun, take some time off. Possibly a subtle nudge considering his birthday is January 24th, this ep aired on the 23rd. But for Sam, work IS fun so after being Garthed, the two have a job. The victim, who has been ‘drawn and quartered’, leaves behind a house full of toys, chain mail and his cell phone which holds threatening voice mails. The “toys” are small soldiers used to coordinate war movement which Dean thinks is kinda awesome! Sam discovers a tattoo which shows up on victims through out all the murders. As far as deaths are concerned, being drawn and quartered is right up there as terrifically bad!

Getting straight to the heart of LARPing- live action role-playing, the man who threatened the victim gets called into the police station where he confesses all about Moondoor. Sam instantly hits a computer where lo and behold, Moondoor exists with a reigning queen, Charlie. While all eyes are glued to the computer, the poor fella in the interrogation room spits up blood until he’s dead and the room is covered in blood. Did I mention that Dean seems to be drawn to Moondoor?

The Winchesters hardly ever get caught being fraudulent FBI agents but after presenting their badges to Boltar, geek master and important Moondoor person, they’re called out! Boltar declares that the badges(numbers, spaces… whatnot) and cheap suits, albeit good, are definitely fake. In spite of this, they find Charlie wielding her weapon on her knights getting ready for battle. Charlie’s expression is priceless when she scans her royal subjects and sees the Winchesters!

Charlie wants to run as any normal geek would but after thinking it through, she holds fast to doing the queenly thing which is helping the boys find the monster. Her words, “If you’re here, monsters are here!” seems to be a theme this season tho always true for these guys! Dean weighs in on the positioning of Charlie’s toy soldiers, again showing us that little boy who played with toy soldiers who grew up to be a fierce hunter. The three split up with Sam hitting the geek filled, computer tent and Charlie and Dean question the different factions of Moondoor where Charlie seems to be quite the player, again, in a bigger sense of the word. Dean dresses up for the occasion, to fit in of course. He reveals to Charlie more than he says: his remorse for using Amelia as bait and losing Benny as a friend.

Dean and Charlie run into Boltar who offers to help find the Orcs, the forest dwelling faction at Moondoor. Dean wants Charlie with Sam so instructs her to find Sam. Walking thru any forest is scary and Charlie senses someone following her. The first stalker is harmless but the second, a skull perched atop a black cape, isn’t. Charlie wakes up in a magic tent and believes to be in danger. When she states that “she just wants her life back”, the skull mask is removed, revealing a beautiful woman, Gilda. Gilda the fairy, under the control of Boltar, is killing people.

After realizing that Charlie is missing, a group of larpers with Sam and Dean head off to find her. After searching all the tents for Charlie, there is one mysterious tent, deep in the forest that wasn’t searched. Dean and Sam walk in on Charlie making out with the fairy/monster and the fairy identifies the “real” monster in the story, Boltar, the man who controls her. A fight ensues with Gilda making a suit of armor choke Sam out and Dean gets to wooden sword fight with Boltar. Charlie wants to be a hero and does save the day. She plunges Dean’s knife into the book of magic which breaks Boltar’s spells.

Charlie kisses Gilda, the fairy fades away, taking Boltar who will be punished in her realm. Charlie decides to stay and fight for her “normal” life. Dean wants to help fight the good fight for Moondoor but that entails having fun. “Have fun Sam, it will make you feel better, ” he says. Sam responds, “No, not just me. It will make us both feel better. Shall we?” The best ever, epic ending for Supernatural! A Winchester dream come true: Ren faire dress, weapons, and a classic hero speech. It didn’t matter that the great “Braveheart” speech was interrupted by a frisbee, what mattered was the content, the heart, the emotion. Also, Sam’s hair pulled back and Dean with long hair, that rocked!

There has been lots of wishing and commentaries about how Sam and Dean should talk. The reality is, these guys are mens men. Communicating is a pat on the back, a nod, clinking beers. Sitting around sharing their feelings would be, well, awkward and so unlike them. Next ep we get Henry Winchester who happens to be a talker, a sharer, a Man of Letters. A complete opposite of these manly men. Cannot wait! Until then…… stay supernatural!

Felicia Day Set To Return

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Fresh off her day of LARPing with the Winchester boys, Felicia Day has booked a third visit to The CW’s Supernatural, it was announced on Tuesday during a press screening.

Whereas Day’s character, überhacker Charlie Bradbury, previously got caught up in Sam and Dean’s battle with Dick Roman, then was stumbled upon by them inside a LARPing community, the third time around she will bring a case to the brothers, during the latter part of Season 8.


“Hunteri Heroici” is a fabulous, looney hit! Andrew Dabb, aka “the writer”, gave us drama, fun toon antics and the ol’ serious one-two punch hanging over both Sam and Castiel: you can run but you can’t hide. Guest star Mike Ferrell(Fred Jones), portrays a ‘living in his own world’ aged person who also has strong telekinetic powers. Fred sits day in and day out watching cartoons, living in a world of his own making until an evil doctor realizes his powers. Hence, the looney tune capers begin with a man’s heart literally exploding out of his chest, all over his girlfriend in typical Supernatural form. Castiel then gets zapped into heaven for his ‘this is your repayment’ lecture from Naomi. ‘Repayment for what?’ we ask. So “what’s up Doc?”, let the show begin!

We find “Baby’ and the gang getting sustenance. Sam checks up on the Trans and Castiel has turned off his angel radio antenna. Cass desires to do good so announces that he’s wants to be a hunter. He has discovered “one of their kind of cases” so a hunter he is! Shotgun he’s not when Sam forcefully relegates him to the back seat.

A snarky detective shares her take on the “heartbroken” victim and Castiel takes over with his angelic abilities. Positive: Cass eliminates all sorts of physical stuff by smelling the victim. Negative: not so much help. Sam and Dean figure out that the fella was having an affair. Dean triggers a Sam flashback with the line “living a lie” which just gives more credence against any real relationship between Sam and Amelia. Sam has found a house for them to live in and Amelia’s Dad, Stan, is coming to visit. Stan, who is ex-military, doesn’t think too much of Sam and regards him to be a ‘fixer-upper’.

In real-time, the threesome question the victim’s wife and Castiel confidently announces his ability to do so. After slamming his hands on the table and accusing the wife of murder, easy Sam takes over. The wife has nothing to hide and after admitting to an open marriage, Dean thinks she’s the best wife ever. No clues here but a call about a suicidal jumper gets their attention.

The jumper appears to have walked on air for several seconds before plunging to his death. This and the exploding heart leads Dean straight to cartoon involvement. Dean wants Castiel to hop into heaven and listen up for any info but Cass refuses, he’s turned off his angelic link. Cass has no idea about cartoons so after viewing Wylie Coyote chasing the Road Runner and never catching him, Cass compares them to man futilely chasing God. Castiel the never-ending angel!

Another crime occurs that seems to be on the crazy side. A massive anvil squishes a security guard during a bank robbery. There’ve been similar robberies with a giant black spot left on the wall. Sam checks them out while Dean and Cass uncover an X under the anvil…. like X marks the spot.

Back at the hotel room, Dean researches on the computer while Castiel reads John’s journal. Dean broaches Castiel perusing Heaven again and Cass responds vehemently. A thoughtful Dean responds by sitting in front of Cass, “Talk to me.” Because of the devastation that he’s caused in Heaven, Castiel believes that he would kill himself if he entered Heaven again. I think that this is his own internal spiritual protection.

Sam not only discovers a common location between the robberies but also funny things happening within fifty yards of each crime. Dean jokes that it’s “wabbit hunting season” and Cass replies “I don’t think you pronounced that correctly.” Love, love, love having Castiel back!

The location is Sunset Fields where Cass interrogates a cat, Dean mostly smiles and Sam recognizes an old friend of John’s, Fred Jones. An aide expresses to Sam that the guests tune out and live in their heads which causes Sam to remember meeting Amelia’s dad. Stan asks Sam if he ever served because he has that look: the look of somebody who has seen a lot of crap that made him start running. Crap that makes him want to grab hold of something and hang on. Stan asks, “What are you running from, Sam?”

The guys locate Fred Jones who has super-duper toon powers in spite of living zoned out. Cass asks, “Do we kill him?” A doctor hears this and kicks them out of the facility. Later, Fred blows up a birthday cake but no old folks. As the guys leave, Cass spots a bracelet that belongs to a guest. The nurse’s boyfriend gave it to her so the three leave to find the boyfriend. The boyfriend has been shot by the doctor who plans on killing Fred. Castiel heals the guy and gets the info needed to hunt down the doctor’s last heist.

Dean enter the bank through a large, black, spot and Cass and Sam find Fred. Dean’s fight with the doc is straight out of Looney Tunes which includes Dean in a mid-air still, leaping for the doctor. After a wrestling match, Dean pulls his gun and fires ‘bang’. The doc tells Dean that’s what he gets for bringing a gun to a gag fight!

Meanwhile, Sam is frustrated that Fred can’t speak with them. Castiel lays his hands on Fred’s and the three land inside of Fred’s tv land. Sam lectures Fred about living more in his dream world than in the real world which effects both he and Cass. Sam’s last flashback is sharing to Stan that he lost his brother, that’s why he was running. Amelia gets a phone call and announces that dead husband Don is actually alive.

Fred checks into the land of the living long enough to cause the evil doc to shoot himself(gads!). Castiel finishes his angel duties hanging out with Fred which is endearing but not before Naomi calls him up. Castiel declares to her that he won’t run anymore from the pain he caused in Heaven.

I loved all the funny bits of this episode, I loved how the three hunters interacted and I especially loved hunter Castiel! Dabb wrote a wonderful, oddball story for our hunters who normally bog down in blood, guts and gore. The naive, nerd angel is scarred but back and Sam’s life with Amelia has inched forward. “Citizen Fang” is the midseason finale so til then… stay supernatural!

“Hunteri Heroici” facts:


Not only was “Southern Comfort” a makeover for Garth(DJ Qualls) but the Winchesters took orders from him! Not excluding the same name whiskey, Garth IS comforting and since Bobby isn’t around, needful. Bobby can’t be replaced but Garth gave it a good ol’ Southern boy try. Written by Adam Glass, Garth instructed hunters, ordered Sam and Dean around, and openly communicated his feelings. Let the Zenness begin!

I love Dean and Sam getting right to it concerning Benny, about Dean killing Amy, and about Sam possibly ganking Benny. Can we say ‘typical Winchester dilemma?”

“Kevin is in the wind, you’re sulking like a eunuch in a whorehouse and I have to ask myself: is a decapitation not just my thing?” Dean states so eloquently. So we know Kevin is still MIA, the boys are at odds with one another and Dean quickly finds a case via a police scanner. Arriving at the crime scene, a Texas Ranger is already on hand. I’m good friends with Rangers and I can promise you, they don’t do fringe! Garth however, is cowboyed out. Very unRanger-like, Garth gladly hugs the two, excited to see the Winchesters again.

While the three catch up, Garth answers calls from other hunters and advises them regarding their hunts. Dean ask Garth, “What are you doing?” Garth replies, “My job.” Sam is taken aback and asks, “Are you the new Bobby?” Dean of course replies with “shut your face” first to Sam and then to Garth at this ‘Bobby’ blasphemy. Garth takes control of the crime scene and this week’s monster is all about vengeance, getting back at perceived injustices via a penny.

Quizzing the first rage-aholic killer, a woman who married her childhood sweetheart, the three hunters find out about her husband’s indiscretion before their marriage. She kills her husband but has no memory of the murder, only a blind rage.

The Winchesters and Garth go eat in an obviously Confederate food establishment and Sam actually eats! Jared has stated before that he hates eating while filming. Also, has anyone noticed all of Sam’s facial hair scruff? Since the season has started, Sam is a bristle face!

Garth pushes Dean into answering where he spent the last year. “Purgatory, ya know, Purgatory Purgatory!” We then get the big scoop on how Garth became a hunter: he killed the Tooth Fairy! His first case which occurred after college and dental school. How could anyone eat and keep a straight face?

Investigating the first murder, Sam quizzes the “other” woman while Garth and Dean tag team the next crime scene where again the killer remembers nothing but kills in a blind rage. This time leaving the clue ‘Sussex’ written in blood.

Sam remembers his time with Amelia(Liane Balaban) where they really connect after ‘connecting’. Amelia shares about her not wanting to be pitied over her husband’s death. And correct me please, but when does anyone “let loose” sexually and then put clothes back on? Small detail….

Meanwhile Dean and Garth research the clues by computer and Bobby’s guidebook. Garth tries to be Bobby-like but Dean’s not having it! Garth is no Bobby! With his chin quivering, Garth lets Dean know that “Bobby belonged to everybody” which was true. Insightful Dean accepts that as a truth that he can handle. Garth discovers the monster, a specter, and realizes that a grave had been vandalized earlier for this ghost to have power for vengeance. The grave just happens to be the tomb of the Unknown Confederate Soldier.

At the third crime scene, someone is murdered and a second person has been hurt but left the location so Dean takes off to find him. Dean locates the deputy in the hospital where he and Dean fight and the murderous penny ends up in Dean’s palm.

Garth lets Sam know that he’s up for talking if Sam feels the need. Sam is reminded of Amelia and he thinks back to Amelia leaving. Her explanation continues a nonsensical trend, not much credibility with this relationship between Sam and her. I don’t dislike Amelia as many do but I feel like Amelia isn’t the real story here. There are no sparks and I think that Sam is needing a human link, hence damaged Amelia.

Sam and Garth enter the motel room where Dean is waiting for them. Dean doesn’t think twice about pulling his gun on Sam. Dean then proceeds to list Sam’s life mistakes from drinking demon blood to not looking for Dean because of a girl. This fight scene between the brothers was excellent and to throw Garth in the mix, smacking some sense into Dean, was perfect!

When Garth punches Dean to keep him from shooting Sam, the penny flies out of Dean’s hand which stops the spell. Dean has no clue what he has said or done. Garth reaches down to pick the penny up and Sams yells at him to stop. Laid back Garth shrugs the concern off and replies that “It’s all cool.” Garth doesn’t hold on to grudges so won’t be effected by the penny.

We finally get the entire story about the penny. Some kids invaded the Unknown Soldier’s tomb, picked up a penny which is normal then passed the penny on. This is the story. The brother’s story…. not so cut and dry.

Sam starts “Southern Comfort’ off wanting to talk it all out. Dean just says Benny is his friend and if another hunter kills him, that’s how it is. Dean later gets the vengeance bug and very strongly lays it all out for Sam. The reality is with the Winchesters, until they’re forced to come clean on how they feel, it’s not going to happen. So we get Dean’s black and white perspective. Sam just wants to move on with his own life and for Dean to let go of all the crap that has happened between them.

Growing is painful and Jeremy Carver has said that this season will be one of growth and maturity for the Winchesters. So is that going to hurt? My bet is yes. This fandom will continue to discuss loudly any and everything that causes rifts between the brothers. But the bottom line is this: the Winchesters get out of every situation and they will survive this! stay supernatural fandom..

THANK YOU BEN EDLUND! For a most wonderful episode, for meaningful character interactions and for the Winchesters being the men that we know them to be, thank you! The title ‘Blood Brother’ encompasses Benny the vamp, Dean and Benny(Ty Olsson) blood brothers in war and the brothers Sam and Dean. Going from ‘no meat’ “Bitten”, to so much that I can’t list, I’ll start with Benny getting his revenge on, something the Winchesters know very well.

Beginning with Benny attempting to kill the vamp who turned him originally, it ends badly and Benny calls Dean for help. Dean and Sam have tracked Kevin to a motel but since Kevin is a “crappy, little, credit card counting, criminal, prodigy Rainman,” he escapes… again. Sam reminds Dean that although Mrs. Tran was inhabited by Crowley, she was still Kevin’s mother therefore the Trans not too excited for the Winchesters to locate them! Dean receives Benny’s call for help and is ready to go. Love that about Dean! Sam doesn’t understand Dean leaving for “personal crap” because Dean’s been gone for a year, what kind of personal crap could he have?

During the drive to help Benny, Dean flashbacks to a time where he and Benny are tag team killing to survive. Freaky good call here with Benny whistling “In the Hall of the Mountain King” while he and Dean slash and hack monsters.

* Sam continues to look for Kevin on his trusty computer but checks in on Amelia too.

* He flashes back to his handyman days at a hotel where he was invested: as a normal person, in the hotel manager who had cancer and the man’s son, to Amelia the vet who saved Dog and who is also a kindred, wandering, spirit.

* Amelia drinks a lot, lives in the same hotel that Sam is staying, really hasn’t met anyone so when she calls Sam creepy because he “buys his clothes from an army surplus store, knows a lot about stitches and doesn’t know where he is going,” Sam calls her on it. Amelia is also damaged, like Sam.

* Dean brings Benny blood which repairs him instantly! Benny calls this favor good but Dean pushes for more and Benny responds with ‘enough with the friend’ stuff. I adore Dean’s loyalty, it’s NEVER misplaced.

* Benny gives Dean the lowdown: Benny’s gonna kill his maker and the nest, not Dean’s prob. Dean of course disagrees!

*Flashback to Castiel meeting up with Dean and Benny in Purgatory. Castiel is a beacon for the Leviathan so cannot be around Dean. Benny and Cass decide that an angelic being won’t be able to pass from Purgatory but Dean isn’t hearing any of it: he’s not leaving Castiel.

*Dean discovers that Benny was a “vampirate”, a vamp who sails the seas, attacks wealthy yachts, eats the owners and takes their possessions. Benny shares that he drinks blood but not people due to Andrea, a human he fell in love with but who was killed by his maker.

*Dean and Benny travel to the island nest where Benny discovers that Andrea was turned, not killed. Andrea wants Benny to kill the ‘old man’ so that they can be together. Dean sneaks around the mansion chopping heads off the vamps not so lucky to find him.

* Dean lets Sam know that he’s hunting vampires. Sam is concerned at first but then really worried after hearing Dean is hunting with someone who Sam doesn’t know. He takes off quickly to rescue his brother whom he’s thinking has gone off his rocker.

* Reliving a time when Dog runs into Amelia’s(Liane Balaban) room, Sam is taken aback when Amelia thinks Sam is creepy. This life for him is living beyond normal! Sitting down to really talk with Amelia, which squeezed my heart, he reads her like a book, “you have no idea where you’re going, do you?”

* Amelia confesses that she did have someone, just no longer and that no, she doesn’t know where she’s going.

* Benny kills the ‘old man’ who sticks it to Benny in the end. Andrea just wanted the daddy vamp dead and for her and Benny to set up house and live happily ever after! Benny realizes this too late. Benny loves her but she’s still a human feeding vampire so Dean kills her. End of NO discussion! Benny says nothing because he’s got more humanity than most humans.

* Benny quizzes Dean, “Is this even real? Why did you resurrect me?” Possibly a storyline down the road. To die, all Benny has to do is kill a human. Benny knows Dean would come after him. Sucky monster friendship!

*Benny and Dean leave the island, disembarking to find Sam waiting for them. Dean introduces Benny, they shake hands: Benny’s hand has to be cold, he’s dead, smart Sam puts two and two together. This cold handed fella, who knows a lot about Sam, traveled with Dean from Purgatory.

* Guy Norman Bee directed this ending perfectly. Sam shakes Benny’s hand, realizes that he’s a monster, slowly goes for his knife, but Dean shakes his head “no brother”. This moment is to be remembered. Benny leaves the two with the comment, “you have a lot to talk about.”

The ending epitomizes the Winchesters: conflict with more conflict! Ben Edlund, Guy Bee, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, perfect tv episode but it just feels so real. ‘Carry on My Wayward Sons’….. til next week. Stay supernatural.