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Can I ask who else was ecstatic over the ‘no fun’ Winchesters having a good ol’ time in larp-land and a battlefield? Yep… I knew it! So much fun in 42 minutes! ‘LARP and the Real Girl” did not disappoint! Writer Robbie Thompson, who tops my fav writer list, gave us fun, frolic and females. Charlie(Felicia Day) is back in play(in more ways than one) as Queen of Moondoor where it’s fun and games for some but for one nerd, Boltar the furious, it’s a life changing, control freak winner take all bubble. Let’s enter Moondoor….

Blaring “China Grove” in the Impala, Dean wants to have fun, take some time off. Possibly a subtle nudge considering his birthday is January 24th, this ep aired on the 23rd. But for Sam, work IS fun so after being Garthed, the two have a job. The victim, who has been ‘drawn and quartered’, leaves behind a house full of toys, chain mail and his cell phone which holds threatening voice mails. The “toys” are small soldiers used to coordinate war movement which Dean thinks is kinda awesome! Sam discovers a tattoo which shows up on victims through out all the murders. As far as deaths are concerned, being drawn and quartered is right up there as terrifically bad!

Getting straight to the heart of LARPing- live action role-playing, the man who threatened the victim gets called into the police station where he confesses all about Moondoor. Sam instantly hits a computer where lo and behold, Moondoor exists with a reigning queen, Charlie. While all eyes are glued to the computer, the poor fella in the interrogation room spits up blood until he’s dead and the room is covered in blood. Did I mention that Dean seems to be drawn to Moondoor?

The Winchesters hardly ever get caught being fraudulent FBI agents but after presenting their badges to Boltar, geek master and important Moondoor person, they’re called out! Boltar declares that the badges(numbers, spaces… whatnot) and cheap suits, albeit good, are definitely fake. In spite of this, they find Charlie wielding her weapon on her knights getting ready for battle. Charlie’s expression is priceless when she scans her royal subjects and sees the Winchesters!

Charlie wants to run as any normal geek would but after thinking it through, she holds fast to doing the queenly thing which is helping the boys find the monster. Her words, “If you’re here, monsters are here!” seems to be a theme this season tho always true for these guys! Dean weighs in on the positioning of Charlie’s toy soldiers, again showing us that little boy who played with toy soldiers who grew up to be a fierce hunter. The three split up with Sam hitting the geek filled, computer tent and Charlie and Dean question the different factions of Moondoor where Charlie seems to be quite the player, again, in a bigger sense of the word. Dean dresses up for the occasion, to fit in of course. He reveals to Charlie more than he says: his remorse for using Amelia as bait and losing Benny as a friend.

Dean and Charlie run into Boltar who offers to help find the Orcs, the forest dwelling faction at Moondoor. Dean wants Charlie with Sam so instructs her to find Sam. Walking thru any forest is scary and Charlie senses someone following her. The first stalker is harmless but the second, a skull perched atop a black cape, isn’t. Charlie wakes up in a magic tent and believes to be in danger. When she states that “she just wants her life back”, the skull mask is removed, revealing a beautiful woman, Gilda. Gilda the fairy, under the control of Boltar, is killing people.

After realizing that Charlie is missing, a group of larpers with Sam and Dean head off to find her. After searching all the tents for Charlie, there is one mysterious tent, deep in the forest that wasn’t searched. Dean and Sam walk in on Charlie making out with the fairy/monster and the fairy identifies the “real” monster in the story, Boltar, the man who controls her. A fight ensues with Gilda making a suit of armor choke Sam out and Dean gets to wooden sword fight with Boltar. Charlie wants to be a hero and does save the day. She plunges Dean’s knife into the book of magic which breaks Boltar’s spells.

Charlie kisses Gilda, the fairy fades away, taking Boltar who will be punished in her realm. Charlie decides to stay and fight for her “normal” life. Dean wants to help fight the good fight for Moondoor but that entails having fun. “Have fun Sam, it will make you feel better, ” he says. Sam responds, “No, not just me. It will make us both feel better. Shall we?” The best ever, epic ending for Supernatural! A Winchester dream come true: Ren faire dress, weapons, and a classic hero speech. It didn’t matter that the great “Braveheart” speech was interrupted by a frisbee, what mattered was the content, the heart, the emotion. Also, Sam’s hair pulled back and Dean with long hair, that rocked!

There has been lots of wishing and commentaries about how Sam and Dean should talk. The reality is, these guys are mens men. Communicating is a pat on the back, a nod, clinking beers. Sitting around sharing their feelings would be, well, awkward and so unlike them. Next ep we get Henry Winchester who happens to be a talker, a sharer, a Man of Letters. A complete opposite of these manly men. Cannot wait! Until then…… stay supernatural!