Supernatural “Home Sweet Bunker” review Everybody..

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“Everybody Hates Hitler” written by Ben Edlund, checks off a place on my personal Supernatural bucket list: a semi-home for Sam and Dean. This bunker housed and hid not only some of their Winchester lineage but contains crucial Men of Letters history and information. Phil Scriggia, the gag reel king for Supernatural, directed the episode. Edlund gives us religion, lore, a monster and as always, the human counterparts behind it all. With my fingers crossed, I truly hope this is “home” for a while! My thoughts on the story…..

Henry Winchester opened up an entire new focus for the hard ridden, put up wet Winchester brothers. The Men of Letters is a secret society that studied and recorded supernatural happenings. “Secret” in Dean’s words, means made up stuff. Turns out it’s super secret save the world stuff that is right up Sam and Dean’s alley. Through Grandpa Henry, the boys have access to the bunker and could be in line for taking over the important job of recording “supernatural’ history. After the first initial look at the bunker, Sam utters words which are normally Dean’s: “son of a bitch”. Electricity, fireplace and sufficient water pressure, the guys dig in and appreciate their new haven.

Sam geeks out and explores the historical treasure trove while Dean gets the lowdown on Kevin and Castiel. Side note here: does this Sam remind anyone of that young man who attended Stanford? Kevin is writing himself sick and Cass is missing in action. While Sam investigates the MOL’s records, he discovers a case regarding the Judah Initiative because a member, Rabbi Bass (Hal Linden), has spontaneously combusted close by. While the guys dig up clues, Dean in a bar and Sam at the library, Dean notices that he’s been followed. Turns out to be the Rabbi’s grandson, Aaron (Adam Rose) but with a quirk: Aaron also inherited a Golem (John Desantis) who followed Sam. The Rabbi was murdered by the Thule Society and is now hunting Aaron and his Golem.

photo credit CWThe Thule Society is real, subversive, and helped fund the Nazis. Throw in the worse of dark magic, necromancers, and reality meets evil. Edlund expands our supernatural intelligence with the Thule Society and the Golem and wraps it all together with magical, Nazi necromancers. The Golem fit perfectly. Edlund wanted someone who towered over the Winchesters but not an easy feat with 6’4″ Jared. John is 6’11” so he towered. The Golem and his not even close to Orthodox Jewish master, Aaron, didn’t die so possibly returning guests? I loved the interaction between the two. The

Adam Rose photoGolem spouting Hebrew and Adam defending his youth. Adam doesn’t want to get rid of his Golem and admits the brevity of his legacy, reinforces the importance of the bunker. Emotionally, the bunker is “home” for the wandering Winchesters, but in reality it’s steeped in THEIR heritage and background. Does it fit for this season and maybe two or more? Absolutely!

With feet propped up, fireplace going, scotch (Jared’s fav) and not beer, life is good. The bunker in all of its glory is a well deserved break for the Winchesters. They’ve died for humanity, stopped the Apocalypse, and lost family members. One thing we know for certain, good never lasts for these fellas. I love this bunker. With a great story encasing it, giving it depth and fullness, Sam and Dean have earned the luxury. How long will it last? Only those darn writers know! Until Wednesday…. stay supernatural!

Thule Society:


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