Latest From Ausiello (12/4/12)

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Question: Any new scoop on Supernatural? —Jonathan
Ausiello: A big “Winchester family mythology episode” is on the docket for late January, confirms exec producer Jeremy Carver. Playing a central role in the hour will be Sam and Dean’s paternal grandfather Henry, whose arrival stirs up some daddy issues for the pair. “In other words, what did their father’s father have to do with the way their father turned out? A lot of that is explored head-on,” reveals Carver. “There’s a tremendous amount of emotional ground that’s covered. When we get a chance to do one of these episodes, we try to do it with great care because we’re essentially [etching] a part of the mythology into stone.” Might Jeffrey Dean Morgan make a cameo as Sam and Dean’s late pa? Responds Carver, evasively: “As with any character, we always have open discussions about everybody in our universe.” (We’ll take that as a no.)


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