‘Supernatural’ “Flashback, Flashback… Blood Brothers” recap & thoughts

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THANK YOU BEN EDLUND! For a most wonderful episode, for meaningful character interactions and for the Winchesters being the men that we know them to be, thank you! The title ‘Blood Brother’ encompasses Benny the vamp, Dean and Benny(Ty Olsson) blood brothers in war and the brothers Sam and Dean. Going from ‘no meat’ “Bitten”, to so much that I can’t list, I’ll start with Benny getting his revenge on, something the Winchesters know very well.

Beginning with Benny attempting to kill the vamp who turned him originally, it ends badly and Benny calls Dean for help. Dean and Sam have tracked Kevin to a motel but since Kevin is a “crappy, little, credit card counting, criminal, prodigy Rainman,” he escapes… again. Sam reminds Dean that although Mrs. Tran was inhabited by Crowley, she was still Kevin’s mother therefore the Trans not too excited for the Winchesters to locate them! Dean receives Benny’s call for help and is ready to go. Love that about Dean! Sam doesn’t understand Dean leaving for “personal crap” because Dean’s been gone for a year, what kind of personal crap could he have?

During the drive to help Benny, Dean flashbacks to a time where he and Benny are tag team killing to survive. Freaky good call here with Benny whistling “In the Hall of the Mountain King” while he and Dean slash and hack monsters.

* Sam continues to look for Kevin on his trusty computer but checks in on Amelia too.

* He flashes back to his handyman days at a hotel where he was invested: as a normal person, in the hotel manager who had cancer and the man’s son, to Amelia the vet who saved Dog and who is also a kindred, wandering, spirit.

* Amelia drinks a lot, lives in the same hotel that Sam is staying, really hasn’t met anyone so when she calls Sam creepy because he “buys his clothes from an army surplus store, knows a lot about stitches and doesn’t know where he is going,” Sam calls her on it. Amelia is also damaged, like Sam.

* Dean brings Benny blood which repairs him instantly! Benny calls this favor good but Dean pushes for more and Benny responds with ‘enough with the friend’ stuff. I adore Dean’s loyalty, it’s NEVER misplaced.

* Benny gives Dean the lowdown: Benny’s gonna kill his maker and the nest, not Dean’s prob. Dean of course disagrees!

*Flashback to Castiel meeting up with Dean and Benny in Purgatory. Castiel is a beacon for the Leviathan so cannot be around Dean. Benny and Cass decide that an angelic being won’t be able to pass from Purgatory but Dean isn’t hearing any of it: he’s not leaving Castiel.

*Dean discovers that Benny was a “vampirate”, a vamp who sails the seas, attacks wealthy yachts, eats the owners and takes their possessions. Benny shares that he drinks blood but not people due to Andrea, a human he fell in love with but who was killed by his maker.

*Dean and Benny travel to the island nest where Benny discovers that Andrea was turned, not killed. Andrea wants Benny to kill the ‘old man’ so that they can be together. Dean sneaks around the mansion chopping heads off the vamps not so lucky to find him.

* Dean lets Sam know that he’s hunting vampires. Sam is concerned at first but then really worried after hearing Dean is hunting with someone who Sam doesn’t know. He takes off quickly to rescue his brother whom he’s thinking has gone off his rocker.

* Reliving a time when Dog runs into Amelia’s(Liane Balaban) room, Sam is taken aback when Amelia thinks Sam is creepy. This life for him is living beyond normal! Sitting down to really talk with Amelia, which squeezed my heart, he reads her like a book, “you have no idea where you’re going, do you?”

* Amelia confesses that she did have someone, just no longer and that no, she doesn’t know where she’s going.

* Benny kills the ‘old man’ who sticks it to Benny in the end. Andrea just wanted the daddy vamp dead and for her and Benny to set up house and live happily ever after! Benny realizes this too late. Benny loves her but she’s still a human feeding vampire so Dean kills her. End of NO discussion! Benny says nothing because he’s got more humanity than most humans.

* Benny quizzes Dean, “Is this even real? Why did you resurrect me?” Possibly a storyline down the road. To die, all Benny has to do is kill a human. Benny knows Dean would come after him. Sucky monster friendship!

*Benny and Dean leave the island, disembarking to find Sam waiting for them. Dean introduces Benny, they shake hands: Benny’s hand has to be cold, he’s dead, smart Sam puts two and two together. This cold handed fella, who knows a lot about Sam, traveled with Dean from Purgatory.

* Guy Norman Bee directed this ending perfectly. Sam shakes Benny’s hand, realizes that he’s a monster, slowly goes for his knife, but Dean shakes his head “no brother”. This moment is to be remembered. Benny leaves the two with the comment, “you have a lot to talk about.”

The ending epitomizes the Winchesters: conflict with more conflict! Ben Edlund, Guy Bee, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, perfect tv episode but it just feels so real. ‘Carry on My Wayward Sons’….. til next week. Stay supernatural.


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