‘Supernatural’ “Tiger Mommy Rocks!” Recap with Thoughts.

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Hands down on “What’s Up Tiger Mommy?,” Tiger Mommy, Mrs Tran(Khaira Ledeyo) rocked the show! Dean and Sam weren’t exactly hapless but Mrs. Tran ruled! Written by Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin and directed by John Showalter, this entertaining episode began with blood splatter and ended with (yikes!) a distressed Castiel screaming for Dean. With more tidbits offered on Dean’s stretch in Purgatory, we also glimpse a wretched Castiel.

“What’s Up Tiger Mommy?” commences when a dapperly dressed old fella pulls out a magical, gnarled, dried finger from his bank box. He murders the young girl helping him and later uses her dead body parts as currency at a supernatural auction. This auction is the crux of the show.

My thoughts and main points addressed here!

* The Winchesters and Kevin chowing down on burgers and Kevin easily convinces the boys into checking on his mother who is alone and surrounded by demons.(When have we seen Dean throw his hands up in defeat?) He’s just soooo easy!

* Mrs. Tran gets splashed with holy water while welcoming her long-lost son back! Epic Supernatural move!

* Mrs. Tran goes where Kevin goes: her motherly concern is for his soul. She also unflinchingly agrees to a tattoo with the retort “you think this is my first tattoo?” Dean is “tough girl” impressed!

* Sam controls a demon with a reverse exorcism? Yep… I also believe this shows what Sam has done for the past year, grown his brain!

* The tablet isn’t in the bus stop locker where Kevin hid it, it’s been hijacked and pawned by a petty thief. Dean’s first flashback occurs during the thief’s interrogation. Dean reverts back to a time when he is threatening a demon for Castiel info, he thrusts his knife through the throat/mouth! A nasty, graphic kill! Back to the thief, Dean proceeds to put a knife to his throat without a thought and snags the pawn shop address. Also wonderfully done, Dean’s drawl while in Purgatory.

* Mrs. Tran shines again. Dean quizzes the pawn shop manager but gets nowhere. Tiger Mommy asks a few pointed questions about the Ferrari parked in front then lays it out to the fella: I can call my brother about possible iffy tax practices going on or you can give us the pawn ticket. Kevin knows the Ferrari’s cost and Sam calculates the tax instantly. Again indicating Sam’s brainy sharpness. They walk away with the ticket.

* No one answers at the hotel address on the pawn ticket, but ‘Beau'(Jonathan Walker, Mr. Peanut look-alike) shows up with Kevin’s invite to an auction where the tablet will be sold to the highest bidder. The invitation extends to Kevin plus three.

* With nothing to use for currency, Sam just looks at ‘Baby’ where Dean then threatens Sam, “say it, I will kill you(Sam), your children and your grandchildren!”. Agree!

*Passing through a metal detector at the auction, Dean is stripped of his weapons. Crowley appears and Mrs. Tran knocks the crap out of him! Who does that?! Crowley then seriously promises to defile her corpse.

* Crowley has risen to a new level of nasty for season eight. So what has changed?

* Angel Samandiriel(Tyler Johnston), a friend of Castiel’s, questions Dean about Cass escaping Purgatory. Dean remembers finding Cass and how he ran to keep the Leviathan away from Dean. Dean tells Castiel, “We have a way out of here. I won’t leave you here, I need you buddy.”

* Samandiriel states AND I ALSO FEEL THIS WAY: “Some think that Castiel’s heart was always in the right place but I think that Castiel’s problem was that he had too much heart!” Most excellent statement!

*When gold is offered for auction items, the group realizes they’ve come to the dance with nothing to bid. The bidding doesn’t hit the reserve for the tablet so Kevin is added to sweeten the pot.

* Realizing that souls are high up for exchange, Mrs. Tran sacrifices hers for Kevin’s.

* Huge into Biblical offers here: the woman who gives the most precious item that she owns, it’s not much but for anyone else but it’s her everything. Mrs. Tran gives her all for Kevin, her soul. This bid is accepted.

* Mrs. Tran wonders about any pain with losing her soul and asks for a quiet moment alone. Seems that Crowley has bought Beau who proceeds to burn her protection tat from her wrist. Her screaming should’ve sounded alarms but doesn’t so Crowley is then able to inhabit her to get close to the tablet.

* Dean is seriously gonna kill Mrs. Tran/Crowley, Kevin yells for him to stop which allows Crowley to escape her body, snatch the tablet and run. Crowley’s eyes glow red and his demon “smoke” is red. What does it mean?!

* The older gent who won Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, shoots at Kevin and Sam to stop them from pursuing Crowley. Sam hefts Mjolnir and asks the gent, “So how did you get five eighths of a virgin?” Sam whacks the old man with the hammer. We see hair flying and something else going on with Sam which will play out later I think! It also will explain his flowing locks!

* Crowley’s last dig at Dean is to warn Kevin to run because “when Dean is through with you, people end up dying bloody”. Dean’s last flashback: Castiel screaming and reaching for Dean.

This episode featured Mrs. Tran beautifully. Dean and Sam left me salivating for more story. I’m ecstatic to see Castiel although it doesn’t look good for him. While Purgatory just brought out Dean’s true hunter, for Castiel, it was as he himself put it, an abomination. So the Winchester saga continues: Kevin and his Mom are alive but running and the Winchesters are now hunting them! Til next week!

  1. silver price says:

    Final Thoughts: Dean is definitely different after Purgatory and this episode confirms it. Dean’s almost killing Mama Tran moment was intense and because of his actions, it has caused a rift between him and Kevin. Unless Mama Tran wakes up from her trance, it might take awhile for Kevin to forgive him. Other than that, I can understand why Dean was so eager to kill Mama Tran; it was Crowley in her meat suit after all. I’m still wondering what happened to Castiel, but in the meantime I hope to see a little more of what happened to Sam in the last year. This week was Dean packed; I think it’s time to shift over to Sam a little right? Thoughts on today’s episode anyone?

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