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Melissa: You’ve been lacking on the Supernatural scoop! Make it up to us, please?
While Misha Collins is set to appear in “a minimum of eight” episodes, per CW president Mark Pedowitz, it seems like fans will only be seeing him (at least in the beginning of the season) in flashbacks to purgatory. “You’re certainly going to see more of him in terms of understanding what happened in purgatory, and that’s as far as we’re going, because it’s fairly significant what happened in purgatory,” new showrunner Jeremy Carver teases of Castiel’s role in season eight. As for Dean’s mental state post-purgatory and if it will at all resemble his post-hell experience in season four? “Purgatory has a very different effect—and different types of beings that are down there,” Carver tells us. “Just because he’s driven and he’s very into hunting, it doesn’t mean all is well.”



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