Misha Collins On Season 8

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Last we saw Castiel (Misha Collins) on Supernatural he was high-tailing it out of Purgatory, leaving his buddy Dean (Jensen Ackles) behind to face down countless unknown monsters and creatures. But Collins himself didn’t get too far– we caught up with him at the network’s parent company TCA party in Los Angeles to find out just when we’ll see Castiel again and how he may be different yet again this season.

“Cas is back!” Collins excitedly told us earlier tonight. “We’re seeing him in flashback form first, and I think the Cas that we’re seeing is more the Cas we got to know in season four and season five. He’s a little bit more worldly, a little bit more weary, a little bit more worn than he was before.”

Collins shared that he was excited to get back to the basics of Cas in many ways but also to have him be a more mature version of the character than we have perhaps seen, adding a new layer for the actor who has already played quite a few versions of this guy.

“Frankly, my impression this season is that all of the characters are more mature,” Collins added. “It kind of makes sense. This show started now eight years ago, and you look at photos of Jared and Jensen eight years ago, and they look very baby-faced! The actors have matured, and so it makes sense that the characters have matured, too.”

Also it is said that Misha Collins will be in at least 8 episodes of Supernatural this season.

Source: Full Article @ Examiner


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