Latest From TVLine (7/19/12)

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Supernatural | Pamela emailed to ask if I have “any inside scoop on the Winchester boys.” Well, this week’s Ask Ausiello – coupled with this casting news – gave you a taste of what Dean will be dealing with at the start of the season. So let’s turn to Sam. Because while this other (and prettier) piece of casting may have you thinking (proactively freaking?) that time will be spent on lovey-dovey romance, Jared Padalecki reveals, “Sam is no longer with [Amelia]” when the season starts. “Most of the love interest stuff we see is all in flashback, though I know she will come back to non-flashback at some point in time.” What else was Sam up to while Dean was in purgatory, aside from getting’ down with his new girl? Not killing things that go bump in the night, it turns out. “Essentially, Sam walked away from the life when Dean, Castiel, Kevin and Crowley disappeared,” Padalecki previews.


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