Latest From EW (7/20/12)

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Supernatural scoop please!! — Remy
Want a follow-up to the hyper-meta episode “The French Mistake”? Ben Edlund told reporters after the show’s panel at Comic-Con that he has an idea that could produce a part 2 — but he’s not sure if it’ll work. He’s also into dinosaurs, but “I’ve never been able to get them on.” TRY, BEN! TRY!

So Jim Beaver was at the SPNpanel at Comic-Con. Does that mean he’s coming back? I love him, but… — Sarah
Everyone I chatted with after the panel was hesitant to confirm or deny a return, but Beaver would certainly be up for it. And, he added, he doesn’t think it’d be one too many trips back to the land of the living. “Dramatically speaking, you’ve hit on one of the dilemmas of the show and I think they’ve managed very well to walk the line without crossing over too much into making death less meaningful,” he says. “It’s dangerous if your show is about threatening people with destruction every week but destruction doesn’t matter because you get to come back. You don’t always get to come back and you don’t always get to come back well. What the show has done really well is creating characters that fans love so much that any step over that line gets attenuated by the fact that the audience is so happy to see the character back.” Agree?

Is there anything new on the upcoming season of Supernatural? I’m hoping that we get a few episodes centered on Purgatory. — Annabelle
As I’m sure you heard, it’ll be more than a few. And these flashbacks that we see will be intense, I hear. Especially episode 2, which is when we see Castiel again. That’s when we’ll find out whether he left Dean seemingly fending for himself in Purgatory for a good reason (to find help/provisions)…or a bad one.


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