Jim Beaver Says Goodbye to Supernatural (TVGuide.com)

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Supernatural‘s beloved Bobby Singer died last Friday, thanks to a bullet in the brain from a shape-shifting Leviathan. Veteran actor Jim Beaver, who played the crotchety mentor to demon hunting brothers Sam and Dean Winchester on The CW series, talked to TV Guide Magazine about Bobby’s shocking demise, his last days on the set and his upcoming role on Justified.
TV Guide Magazine: I’m in Bobby Singer mourning. When did you find out Bobby would be killed off? Jim Beaver: Right after shooting episode 6, I was home in L.A. and got the call that no actor wants to get where the assistant says, “I have both your executive producers on the line.” They said, “We’ve got bad news, but it’s not that bad.” They told me what they had planned but they also told me the send off episode was going to be pretty amazing for me. In fact, one of the execs said, “If you weren’t on The CW, you’d win an Emmy.” It was a little bit of déjà vu because I had something extremely similar happen on Deadwood, where an executive producer pulled me aside and said, “We’re going to shoot you in the head.” I didn’t even get shot on a different side of the head. [Laughs] Pretty much the same entrance wound. Any time I go to work from now on, I’ll wear a bandage there so we can skip right to the bullet wound.

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