“Slash Fiction” Not What You Think(Episode 7.06 Review)

Posted: October 30, 2011 by trackerm in Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Jim Beaver, Supernatural
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At the top of top of my lungs: WHAT A GREAT EPISODE!! Last week’s “Shut Up Dr. Phil” was wonderful in so many ways but when the fandom rumbles negative, there’s a cause! This week gives us 2 Deans, 2 Sams & Bobby smooching AND being “evil”! Good times! Just a heads up definition of slash fiction: a sexual relationship between the 2 main characters! DON’T stop reading or certainly don’t not watch the ep if you haven’t yet! It is not what you think(hence the title..) So let’s hash!

Sam & Dean walk into a bank, seemingly normal. Wiping out the entire group of bank customers in the vault with sub-machine guns, not normal! Up until the massacre, it appears to be the Winchesters. These “boys” walk, talk & act like the Winchesters. Dean hitting on a bank teller, Sam reassuring customers, “Their money is insured, no one would be hurt” & then the boys gunning down civilians, a great start to a great episode. These are Leviathan but with the whole Dean & Sam ‘tude goin on.

Seeing Bobby torture the Leviathan that was ordered buried somewhere deep, flashbacks to Samuel’s capturing alphas for Crowley. This Chet the Levi(Sean Owen Robert) is greatly arrogant. We learn: the Leviathan cannot be killed, they’re brilliant Mensa monsters, & they aren’t afraid of the Winchesters. When the guys learn that they’ve been Xeroxed by the Leviathan which are killing in their name, of course they’re gonna destroy the replicates! Winchesters, duh! Chet listening in from the basement & giving up cloning info is too funny! Bobby, with his daddy wisdom, instructs the boys, “if you’re gonna be stupid, at least be smart about it”. Bobby shares the name of a crazy conspiracy nut whom he had saved years ago, Frank Devereux(Ken McNally).

During this time, the fake Winchesters are making certain that the world knows it’s the supposedly dead Winchester brothers on a murderous crime spree. After the initial meet & gun greet with Frank, he gives the guys serious condolences on their doppelgänger. The Winchesters have skyrocketed to the number two spot on the FBI’s most wanted list thus forced to give up all of their rock aliases, comfort hangouts & basically everything they have ever used for flying under the radar. Frank destroys Sam’s computer, shoots blue steel pics for the new & improved Mr. & Mr. Smiths & informs Dean that the Levi are also driving an Impala. The Js play this perfectly! Sam glances at Dean & expects a blowup while we feel Dean internalizing a heart attack.

The guys driving a Chevette, well, not quite our bad boy Winchesters! Dean viciously cuts off the dangling unicorn from the mirror. Sam volunteers music to calm the traumatized Dean. What we see became an instant fandom YouTube hit! Air Supply’s “All Out of Love” comes on, Sam tries to change the channel but Dean says, leave it, nothing else will be on. Dean then lip syncs “I can’t help this feeling” with Sam finally turning it off. I have to envision the young Dean totally singing this to some poor innocent girl! Off subject here: Jensen has photos of his lip licking posted worldwide but this ep will hit an all time high! It seems like he tried not to lick his lips but failed miserably! I’ve included the lip licking & lip-sync! So enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ol-07GIjpEc&feature=share

We go to an epic diner scene straight from Pulp Fiction, showing the fakers murdering this group also. The Leviathan give us insight into the real Sam & Dean. Dean has a hero complex & gives eating cheeseburgers & sex the same “thumbs up”! Sam, well Sam is “two thumbs & a bat in a belfry” with satan vision going on inside!

Back in the Chevette, Sam reads the marked map provided by Frank & recognizes all of the Levi hit scenes as their very own past job locations. Calling Bobby to confirm, the boys hear a female in the background whom we know is Sheriff Jodie Mills. Jodie shows up to thank Bobby for rescuing her from the doc Levi. She also shows up with more in mind than conversation & beer. Thanks to the Chet the Levi, we know that Bobby still has hope for life & love so Jodie showing up, confirms that Bobby may have a future love interest! Yeah Bobby! The Levi also reveals some of Bobby’s past hurt with his daddy, a drunk. accidentally, Bobby discovers that borax burns the Leviathan. So borax burning & cutting the Leviathan’s heads off seems to be Bobby’s best kill the monster solution. Oh & Bobby gets to kiss the girl but sends her on her merry way with a Levi head in a box. Not so romantic but very Bobbyish!

When Sam & Dean track down the fake them, they get arrested which is seldom seen on Supernatural. Dean gets his one phone call & learns how to deal with the Levi. The jailer lets Dean out just in time to kill LeviSam. We see Sam with the LeviDean & I could just hear the “oh nooos” over the tv! LeviDean telling Sam about Dean killing Amy, so not a good moment. Sam is incredulous to the point of being immobilized. The LeviDean is just about to kill Sam when Dean enters with his jug of Borax, burning the Leviathan & axing his head off! Sam is still in shock from the Amy news but finally moves. The sheriff agrees with Dean to help the Winchesters “be dead” & he lies to the FBI about what happened. Next shot the sheriff & his daughter are dead & the Levi explain to the boss how the Winchesters are still alive & well! The boss, Richard Roman(James Patrick Stuart) encourages them in typical white-collar yuppiness but also warns them with “I want a win, back to the vision board on this one”.

Dick gets into his limo & who shows but Crowley. Crowley seems to think that this new bad will want to be friends but Dick informs him that if he & his Leviathan crew weren’t so busy, that Crowley & the demons would be annihilated. Crowley disappears on that note!

Dean & Sam are getting rid of the headless Leviathan when Sam explodes about Amy. Sam says that he can’t even talk to Dean, no, he can’t even be around Dean at that moment, for Dean just to go.. Sam grabs his gear, huffing angrily away from the Chevette(just not the same sound as the Impala). Dean says “I’m sorry” & we know that apology is for lying to Sam, not for killing Amy. Sam not wanting an explanation here is not Sam Winchester. Sam would want to know “why”. Dean doesn’t defend himself, I think that’s his guilt speaking. He has no defense here.

The last few minutes of this episode ring falsely! Jensen said at ChiCon that the written ending had the boys conversing like a married couple or a bromance. He & Jared changed the dialogue for character truthfulness & protection. We KNOW these guys will protect our Winchesters. Sam storming off reads like the Sam who “always runs” but I don’t believe it. Sam is much wiser & more mature than this. In defense of Robbie Thompson who wrote this ep, maybe Sam is fragile & his leaving is the result of that fragility. The final moments stole from a brilliant episode!

My thought is that the writers ALWAYS have to leave us with something unbearable & the Winchesters not being together, is unbearable! Robbie Thompson is now on my “writers watch list”. Even with Sam leaving & Dean leaving Sam, the episode was great! Please let me know if you agree or not! Feel free to disagree! Until next week Supernatural Fans!


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