“Listen Up Dr. Phil” Review:Episode 7.05

Posted: October 26, 2011 by trackerm in Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Jim Beaver, Supernatural
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“Shut Up Dr. Phil” delivered fun, great guest stars with James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter and levity from Sam & Dean’s weight of the world life. A great plus for me was being there during the exterior filming. Here’s the link to my adventure : “My Winchester Brothers Vacation!” Hunting at VanCon: http://wp.me/p1toIT-cF Enjoy!

Starting with Dean’s nightmare of Cass dying, Sam going postal & the “how long can I keep this from Sam” Amy lie, the ep kicks off with Dean reaching for an empty beer bottle. Got it. We know that anguished Dean has issues & its NOT drinking. This is my gripe about my beloved show. Deal with Dean! It won’t be pretty unless you think Dean crying is beautiful which I personally do. It might be explosive which Dean is. But deliver us from this angst that has become blase. The boys KILL monsters for a living, drinking is part of coping, let them drink. Writers address it! Thus said..

While Dean web surfs for their the next hunt, Sam runs by the window. He then enters the room with Dean quipping “somebody better be chasing you.” All I can see here is the video of Sam racewalking & stretching tweeted just hours before the episode aired. Thanks Phil Sgriccia, executive producer & Supernatural’s gag reel guy, for that! Jared’s tweet: https://rcpt.yousendit.com/1261951628/e98c87468b1eb46f8f3f04db51320c41

The Winchesters discover a hunt involving a beehive hair dryer & a hot tub which fries the users of both. Stringy, bloody hair hanging from the blackened dryer is gore at it’s Supernatural best! Dean discovers a “non- American” coin at the dryer murder scene & calls Bobby for help in identifying it. My opinion about Bobby. He may not be Leviathaned but he’s something else! We found out last week that Leviathans can turn into anyone & know a person’s memories. With Bobby being MIA for a bit, something stinks! Continuing..

The Winshesters are in full out “good old days” form when searching for supernatural evidence. Dean grills Mr. Don Stark(James Marsters), an upstanding citizen who happens to be the only person not dead yet from a group of four. Dean’s snarky “pretty good with the ladies there, Mr. Stark. It’s a blessing & a curse” is just so Dean! Meanwhile, Sam discovers ritual evidence in a very unoccupied female closet. Mrs. Stark(Charisman Carpenter) has moved out due to Don’s infedelity. Learning that the Starks are separated the guys head out to Mrs. Stark’s house. Searching through a closet, Dean finds more evidence pointing to the wife as the killer. Maggie returns home to find the picture of her next victim gone. She then targets the FBI agents as hunters. Let the witchiness begin.

Suspecting that the next “physically impossible” death is Jenni’s, Mr. Stark’s assistant, the guys rush over to find her choking or bleeding on something. Sam finds the hex coin & destroys it by shooting it. Afterwards a shocked Jenni is screaming “hearts in my cupcakes, that’s never happened to before.” Well, welcome to the Wide World of Winchester…

We see Don’s commemorative bust shattered, Maggie Stark’s art auction rained out indoors & her assistant decapitated with a silver platter before the boys realize that they’re dealing with 2 powerful witches. Bobby calls back with the ritual recipe. Dean stutters that he can remember until he finally gives up & writes it down. The positive, they have a recipe to kill the witches. The negative is that Dean forgets a small but important fact: “chilled” chicken feet.

Leaving her assistant dead on the floor, Maggie Stark marches directly to confront her husband who seems to be waiting for her. The Witch battle begins! The Winchesters walk in reciting the ritual which results in a small smoky poof but no dead witches signifying something not quite right. Don lazily responds to this with, “for obvious reasons you won’t be leaving here or not alive anyways.” Sam realizes quickly that the married couple haven’t killed each other so yet so they must still care. Dean, the obvious choice for communicating here, starts the counseling, dragging it down to his “slam-bam, thank ya ma’am level.” Sam, ever the voice of reason despite writhing on the floor, opens the conversation up to the point of the Stark’s not killing the guys but just slap sticking them around awhile.

The boys return to their room with the Leviathan walking in right behind them. This guy has driven the country to kill the Winchesters. Dean, quite the gunslinger, pulls out his gun, & shoots. The monster bleeds black ooze & the bullet just pops out onto the floor. Fortunately for the Winchesters, Maggie had planned on killing them but Don rescues them from the Levi & the missus. We see here the strength of the witches which may explain why the hunters didn’t try harder to kill them. Don just took down a Leviathan which we know is very powerful. Not killing the witches, a story for later episodes perhaps. The boys get into the Impala to leave but not without the brotherly over the car’s roof conversation. Sam attempts to open Dean up about what he’s keeping from Sam. Dean is responsible for everything from the Lindberg baby kidnapping to high unemployment. Who knew? Oh yeah, right we did. So glad for Dean to say it aloud but saying it like he did, I don’t think that his keeping Amy Pond’s murder is the secret that he’s witholding from Sam. Just my thought.

I love the lighheartedness of the ep. I love Jared tweeting something that he hadn’t gotten permission from the legal department about. I love that I was a part of the fandom, watching the episode being filmed! But I want to see Dean fixed. Sam is almost perfectly whole… not. Dean will continue to drink but let the man drink for the right reasons. Til next week…. stay supernatural!

Pic of Me & Charisma Carpenter https://www.facebook.com/video/?id=100002325185308#!/photo.php?fbid=173604042727101&set=a.172132332874272.44561.100002325185308&type=1&theater

Photo album of VanCon hunting trip! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.171372449616927.44303.100002325185308&type=3

The Impala & boys drive by 1): https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001106578665&sk=wall#!/video/video.php?v=171428742944631

drive by 2): https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001106578665&sk=wall#!/video/video.php?v=171430476277791


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