Latest From EW (10/21/11)

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Sandra, You’re the reason I signed on at Twitter! Well, you, Lonie Love, Jared Padalecki, Josh Wolfe, Chunk (Chelsea Handler’s dog) and Adam Levine. I am enjoying the return of Supernatural on the CW but I’m a little let down over the fact that the brothers are hiding things from each other again and the lack of PTSD regarding Sam. I love Sam — especially when he smiles. — but [what about]  The Cage and the antics of soul-less Sam? Any spoilers regarding Sam’s trauma (cause I also love tortured Sam) and Winchester bromance?  The best Dean is butt kicking-take-no-prisoners-protective-big brother Dean! — Parker
First, I always aim to be among the ranks that include Chelsea Handler’s dog. So thanks, Parker. Ha! On to your question, in tonight’s episode (co-starring Buffy vets Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters), Sam is actually as healthy as ever. In fact, he runs now! (If you haven’t checked out this amazing outtake Padalecki Tweeted, watch it immediately!) It’s actually Dean who is having a little trouble dealing in this episode, between his Cas-nightmares and unwillingness to open up to Sam. The result is a lot of boozin’ — and a lot of pissing Sam off. It all culminates with a scene that made me a little misty-eyed and that I think you’ll like, especially if you’ve been wanting them to lay things out on the table. Also, while you don’t see much of it in this episode, I think we’re far from done with dealing with Sam’s hell issues. Who’s your Twitter fave now? Take that, Chunk!


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