Dean: Guilty or Not? Review “Defending Your Life”

Posted: October 17, 2011 by trackerm in Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Jim Beaver, Supernatural
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Heya Supernatural Fans!

Did the ep “hold water” for you as we say in Texas? Lots of excitement for “Defending Your Life”. Season 7 has knocked it out of the park so far! “Defending Your Life” was a total transition episode. Why transitional? Our main thrust has been the Leviathan but we get a couple of Leviathan references & that’s it! Onto Dearborn, Michigan for a case when Sam “hears” Lucifer whispering “Saaam”. Sam presses on his scarred palm & that’s the end of Lucifer for the ep! Dean comments that “it feels wonky” just because maybe it’s gonna be a normal day at the office(right..). Getting our boys back to the good old days of monster hunting! Yeah boy!

Our “guilt theme” starts with a Christine like demon car chasing a man. We learn that the car wins, squishing the man on the 10th floor of a building. Fans have commented on the blood spatter BUT THE CAR RAMMED HIM INTO THE WALL! Gonna be a little bit of blood! Next, we have a mauled dog attack Vicktim(!) who had previously operated a dog fighting ring & also a murderer who killed someone but did time in prison. With every single case, we learn also of their redemptive actions. The drunk driver who killed the little girl, keeps flowers on her grave & set it up to do so for the next several years. The guy who ran the dog fighting ring raised lots of money for animal protection. The murderer went to prison & had great remorse for his actions. Why is this important? Redemption or is that even possible? Enter Dean Winchester, whose entire psyche is based on redeeming acts! Aka, mister guilt extraordinaire! Dean has an issue protecting a murderer, he calls it black & white because the guy did intentionally murder people. Sam on the other hand, sees someone who has paid his dues & deserves another chance. This explains Sam’s end of the ep speech, “I’m good, I’ve been to hell, paid my dues, my slate is wiped clean!” Dean’s thought: “when those ghosts come calling, they’ll have a compelling argument(to kill him).” Sam calls the situation “tomatoes”, Dean calls it “tomahtoes”!

Back to the story line: the ex-con describes his supernatural courtroom experience sufficiently enough for Bobby to determine the culprit behind the supernatural weirdness, the Egyptian god Osiris. This fellow pops in & out of reality, weighing a person’s guilt with even a feathers worth deeming execution. Wise Bobby tells Sam to get the hell outa Dodge because who do we know that carries more guilt than the weight of the world on his broad shoulders? It’s Dean. Yep.

A great shout out to the fandom who desperately want to see the boys do something .. anything sexual. Dean ALMOST gets laid by the attractive, age appropriate bartender. It’s been awhile since Dean has done the deed so to speak & he drunkenly convinces himself that this is what he, Dean Winchester, does! The next thing we see is Sam frantically calling, getting no response until the bartender who is meeting Dean, answers Dean’s phone. Sam races to the bartender, finds a pile of red dirt like found at the victims’ deaths & instantly knows where to look, the apple orchard barn.

Detective Sam finds the god Osiris with Dean chain bound. Osiris tells Sam to stop lurking & leave but Sam is going nowhere without his older brother. He wants to defend Dean, represent him all lawyer like! Great casting for Osiris(Farin Tahir).

The pivotal point of the episode comes down to how Dean judges himself. Osiris brings out witnesses to testify on behalf of Dean’s guilty self. First witness is Jo(Alona Tal), who died trying to protect Dean & then Sam testifies. I was a little concerned about Jo but shouldn’t have been. She tells it like it is & she blames Dean for nothing. Osiris doesn’t like what Jo says so zaps her gone! Sam testifies & turns hardcore here. No way Dean was responsible. End of that discussion. Osiris them calls Dean Winchester to hang himself. Sam catches that of course & asks Dean if he feels heavy with guilt or just heavy about the losses. Dean defers to “that last one”, heavy about the losses. Dean is still drunk & not so serious until Osiris threatens one more witness. We flashback to Dean killing Amy Pond. The only issue here is Dean doesn’t feel guilt over ganking a monster, he feels guilty about lying to Sam about it. Dean throws in the towel rather telling Sam the truth. Mmmm….

This trial happens almost halfway into the story. The witnesses could have been meatier & further explored. Just blaming Dean for getting Jo & Sam into the hunting business is not enough to convict him! The fandom has grumbled over this very thing & will continue to do so until our writers(whom I trust) rectifies who coulda, woulda, shoulda been better than Jo, Sam, & Dean himself with the threat of Amy. The flashbacks here were awesome! Jo smacking Dean’s nose when they meet until he so gently kisses her goodbye… tears. Moving to the execution, Dean doesn’t want to get rid of Jo even though she’s a ghost. Sam tells him to suck it up. Jo was a hunter & a ghost so handles Dean’s salt ring protection. Jo shows great maturity even in death. She doesn’t blame Dean, doesn’t want to kill Dean & he still just rolls over! So not like Dean to just frikkin give up! This is the breakdown that fans have been expecting. Thankfully, Sam kills Osiris & just as Jo sweetly puts her palm to Dean’s face, him leaning into it for some comfort, she disappears.

We’ve see Dean grumpy, tired, stiff & throwing in the towel on his life. Taking what he thinks he deserves from ghosts to his own flagellation. Fandom argument this week has centered around Dean’s source of guilt to who would have been the better witnesses for his execution. I hate seeing Dean this way. The witnesses could have been better chosen but again, I trust these writers to keep us safe in the land of Winchester! Soooo, next week is the Buffy reunion. I was there for the filming so am excited to see it all together! I’m adding a wonderfully written fanfiic to enjoy! “The Limits of the Lead Friggin’ Box” a story about Dean.

Stay supernatural folks..


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