“The Limits of the Lead Friggin’ Box” a story about Dean.

Posted: October 13, 2011 by trackerm in Uncategorized

This was tweeted earlier & I read it just because I really try to read or look at everything Supernatural related. To my surprise, when I finished, my glasses were wet to the point of me not being able to even copy & paste the address! It’s very good! You will enjoy it, you will cry.


“I keep my marbles in a lead friggin’ box” – Dean Winchester


A small boy crouches on the floor.  His blonde hair and freckles sparkle in the afternoon sunshine, as do the marbles he’s surrounded by.  His green eyes squint in concentration as he rolls them in his hands, and shoots them across the floor. He’s playing with all of them, but seems especially attracted to four in particular:

–  An alley, streaked with many colours

–  A perfectly smooth, pale blue orb

–  One that looks like a droplet of blood, frozen in time

–  A perfect Cat’s Eye aggie


Dean Winchester is all grown up.  He doesn’t play with marbles any more.  But he still thinks about them.  He confessed to Bobby that nowadays he keeps all his marbles in a “lead friggin’ box”.  Of course, when he says marbles he means all his feelings about everything – his life, his time in Hell, and the price he’s paid to be a Winchester, a Hunter and a saviour of the world.

Read More Here: Winchesterfamilybusiness


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