Monster Me and the Girl Next Door!

Posted: October 11, 2011 by trackerm in Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Jim Beaver, Supernatural
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Recapping our last 2 eps: Castiel was god(uh yeah..), Castiel is full out Leviathan & walks into the lake(please don’t be dead!) & Dean cold bloodedly kills a ”good” monster & then threatens her young son with death. So the saga of surprises continues! Thank you Supernatural writers!

The good news is that Bobby is alive & conveniently shows up to rescue the boys from the Leviathan hospital. The Winchesters bolt & Dr. Sexy informs the “big boss” thus beginning the Leviathan “Winchester hunt”. Later, Sam uses his Lemmy Kilmister credit card which gets tagged instantly by a Levi credit card person. We don’t know how this guy becomes a Leviathan but he just already is which leads me to wonder how easily people turn into Leviathan. And is it just me or does it seem way too convenient Bobby just showing up at the hospital? The Winchesters are going against “bads” they’ve never encountered before… too convenient I think. That’s the bad news!

Bobby also seems to think that Sam is doing better, just checking out “occasionally.” But how well is Sam doing really? Dean sends him out for food, reminding Sam to get pie. Sam returns with cake & responds to Deans “dude, where’s the pie?” with “cake, it’s almost the same thing..” We know how Dean feels about pie so Sam isn’t ok, nowhere close.

Sam flashbacks after reading a newspaper entitled “Ice Pick Killer.” He remembers meeting & rescuing a girl who happens to be a monster, a Kitsune. Kitsune: monster who eats human brains & pituitary glands for survival. Colin Ford plays young Sam well. We meet young Amy Pond(Emma Grabinsky) who quickly becomes Sam’s friend & ally albeit a Kitsune. Here with Amy, Sam discovers someone just like him: moving from school to school, always being the new guy, not much respect for their parent but most importantly, finding a fellow freak. Young Sam’s best line is “I’ve been around bad & you’re not bad.” I think that this is a defining statement for Sam. Sam doesn’t fit in with his family & this isn’t the first time he touts himself as a freak. Amy’s mom tries to kill Sam but Amy puts a blade through her mom’s heart first, saving Sam & killing her mom. Amy attempts to persuade Sam to run away with her, “we don’t have to be alone, we can be freaks together.” Sam can’t leave his family, won’t leave his family but we absolutely see his desire to do so! Sam knows how to clean up this kind of mess so tells Amy how to leave via a bus, leaving Sam to get rid of the body.

With this flashback, we get Sam’s childhood of not fitting in, even with his own family. But we also see Sam empathizing with Amy, a monster, a freak. So when older Sam reads about the ice pick murders, he instantly recalls Amy Pond. Sam takes the Impala & finds Amy(Jewel Staite) who persuades Sam that she is finished killing people. Amy explains that she killed for a good cause which was to save her son. This resonates with Sam because he “knows” her, really understands her and has walked the very same gray line. I think that Sam feels just like her. After letting Amy live, Sam walks back into the motel room only to be clocked by Dean for taking his taking his Baby, the Impala. Dean’s new rule: “you get hit if you take my car.” Jared’s fall was great fyi!

Sam fesses up to leaving the Kitsune alive which sparks a whole new level of distrust for Dean. Dean says “this freak..” talking about Amy. Sam responds with ”I may be a freak but that’s not the same as dangerous” giving us insight into Sam’s own personal nightmare. Dean says “ok” to Sam’s face but we feel him doubting Sam. This suspicion comes from Castiel’s betrayal, Sam’s year of being without a conscience & now from Sam having no reality check.

Dean leaves Sam at the hotel, finds the monster Amy & with “You are what your are & you will kill again”, stabs her in the heart. Killing the monster is a good thing but we still see the conflict on Dean’s face. Amy’s son walks in after the murder. We’re talking family here. Family for Dean is EVERYTHING. With the kid’s response of ”the only person I’m going to kill is you”, Dean’s expression of disbelief to “bring it on” shows us where Dean is headed emotionally! This kid, a monster kid for sure, brings out the black & white of Dean’s psyche but also shows a tougher mental state. Killing the woman was the right thing to do. She killed humans, would have other reasons for killing people. Dean telling the kid that he would kill him also, that’s a different Dean, one that we don’t really know.

The reason we love this show is that it gets better every week! The writers have us begging for more! The Sam & Dean soap opera after 3 episodes is more tangled & seductive than season 6. What more can I say? Is it Friday yet?!


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