Latest From EW (10/7/11)

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I’ve been on a bit of a Supernatural high lately, and I hope I never come down. First, there was wedding scoop, and then I was lucky enough to pop onto the set. If this continues, I’m canceling Christmas because nothing can top this! Anyhoo, I did make sure to save a little nugget for my little nuggets. And it comes from executive producer Sera Gamble, who helped clear up a little confusion about Cas’ (Misha Collins) eminent return. When we last saw him, he was falling to pieces because of the Leviathans, and shortly before that, he was sweet, remorseful angel Cas, leaving us to wonder: Which will we see?  “The best way I can be coy about it is to say you’ll see Misha again,” she said. “There are so many versions you have seen him play on the show, but I can’t tell you what we’re planning. Hopefully it’ll not be what people have predicted, but we’ll see.”

Meanwhile, one person we won’t be seeing for a bit is Mark Pellegrino, who reprised his role as Lucifer in the first two episodes. “I’m sad to report you won’t see Mark Pellegrino in the next few, which isn’t to say you won’t see him again, because we adore him,” she says. “But this is something Sam will have to deal with and contend with pretty much on an on-going basis. It’s just a part of who he is, in a way, now. This thing happens to him and his brain has been changed, his psyche has been changed, and luckily, now he is starting to figure out ways to deal with it.

Not dealing so well with the pressure of what’s going on around him? Dean, who in tonight’s episode will “run into a decision that he has to make, and it’s so influenced by his state of mind coming out of what happened with Cas and what’s been going on with his brother. We see that everything — right down to the hunter’s instincts that he’s been running on for the life of the show — everything has been changed by the loss that he suffered and by losing faith and trust in Castiel and by not knowing if he can trust Sam,” she says.


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