This Really was a Cruel World! (Episode 7.02 Review)

Posted: October 3, 2011 by trackerm in Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Jim Beaver, Supernatural
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The “this is going to be so much fun” Leviathan is not a good look for Castiel! Bleeding, oozing, and about to explode from the many Leviathan in his body, Castiel walks into a lake perpetrating the Leviathan history as water beasts. And yeah, the Leviathan spreads throughout the water systems! Seeing Dean pick up Cass’ trench coat, folding it with respect due to an American flag & that’s the end of Castiel? I don’t want to think so. Maybe it’s my absolute belief that Castiel cannot be gone…. maybe.

We then see a little girl drinking from a water faucet, when cue, “Black Water” by the Doobie Brothers plays. The Leviathan water comes out black, takes over the little girl, & here’s our new creepy little kid! “Creepy little girl” meets with Edgar, a Leviathan posing as a grownup, who thinks that the little girl is too little to be a big bad scary monster! After watching tv, creepy girl has an idea: go to the hospital & become a doctor who can then cut people up & feed on their organs. NEVER let it be said that tv was not good for something! “Creepy girl” finds a surgeon, changes into him physically as Eve did in season 6 & also locates the perfect meal in the form of a conspiracy theorist patient. But GUESS who is roomies with the conspiracy theorist? Sheriff Jodie Mills(Kim Rhodes) who has just had an appendectomy. The sheriff stumbles after the two, catching the monster eating the organs of the old woman. Realizing something evil is happening, Jodie totters away, fainting, waking up to the Leviathan doc giving her something to sleep! The sheriff stays awake long enough to call Bobby, reminding him of their zombie killing experience together.

When Bobby finally remembers Sheriff Mills, he has to help her. Leaving Sam alone doesn’t seem to be a great idea especially with Sam hallucinating! Before leaving, while Bobby is giving Sam the hang in there speech, we and Sam see Lucifer putting a blade through Bobby, really pressing home Sam’s difficulty in distinguishing fact from fiction. When Sam asks Lucifer, ” why don’t you just end this?”, we find out Lucifer’s intent is for Sam to kill himself, “this is over when you can’t take anymore.” Yikes!!

After rescuing the sheriff from the hospital, Bobby is confronted by the Leviathan who recognizes him from Castiel’s eyes. Really bad news considering Cass knows the Winchesters & Bobby better than anyone, how they fight, their weaponry, all of their hunter secrets. Bobby calls the boys to meet back at his house. Previously, Lucifer posed as Dean and drove Sam to help Bobby. With “Dean” twisting the knife in Sam’s psyche during the car ride, with stuff like “this kind of crazy doesn’t wash off,” fans should’ve known that it wasn’t really Dean. Yes, we should have!!!

Mark Pellegrino does an amazing job as Lucifer! Sam is so confused about reality that I am too! And Dean pleading with Sam, “This conversation doesn’t require a firearms discharge!” was wrenching! Dean talking Sam back to reality from Dean’s own experiences in hell, was emotional, I cried! Dean convinces Sam to know his reality through pain. Sam grasps that quickly, squeezing his Frankenstein stitched hand hard enough to chase Lucifer away for the moment. Note to self here: I’m fearful that we’re seeing Sam start down an ugly path, trying his best to deal with the whole reality not reality thing, through pain.

After dealing with this small crisis, the boys head out to find Bobby, only to find Bobby’s house, Sam and Dean’s shelter and sanctuary, blown up and no Bobby! Another epic moment: Dean calling Bobby, “You asked me if I’m ok, I’m not & if you’re gone, I’m gonna strap my beautiful mind brother to the car & we’re gonna drive off a pier!” A flawless performance by Jensen!

While the guys are looking for Bobby, Leviathan Edgar finds the two at Singer Salvage Yard. Edgar comments to the boys, “what an honor to be chosen to be killed” then proceeds to throw Dean, breaking his leg. Sam & Edgar conveniently fight under a crane elevated car. Sam yells “now” for Dean to drop the car and immediately Sam gets whacked in the head! We last see the Leviathan oozing itself back into Edgar who is crushed under the dropped car! Dean calls 911, Sam seizes in the ambulance with Dean yelling “Sammie, stay with me!” The EMT of course is taking the guys to Dr. Sexy’s own smorgasbord of a hospital!

Wow & wow!! So much happened in such a short hour! Castiel is gone, Bobby has disappeared along with his home and library being blown up and the Winchesters are in more turmoil than I can ever remember. We HAVE to believe that our boys will come out unscathed but the journey looks to be terrifying! Thank you Sera Gamble, Ben Edlund & Guy Bee for an awesome, epic hour of “the Winchester Diaries”! Stay supernatural……


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