Episode 7.04 Behind The Scenes Photos

Posted: August 12, 2011 by trackerm in Uncategorized
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Hiya Spnl fans!! Punkd Images caught these pics & posted! A little drama happened…. seems a photographer or fan, really don’t know which, wasn’t playing nice while taking pics! One of the pics where Dean & Sam are talking face to face but then Jensen is looking backwards at something, that pic is where the drama occurred! Clif, boys’ bodyguard, intervened!

The moral here: Play nice! Be respectful!!! These people are working & time is money, money is time!!!
I realize that “we” as lookie loos are part of the life chosen but again, they are working!!
Great work & thanks Punkd Images!!



js on location. from ontd-spnparty.live journal.com! punkd images with pics! http://t.co/oo2DctP



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