Misha Dishes about Season 7!

Posted: August 4, 2011 by trackerm in Uncategorized
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Hiya Fans!!! I have to say, that I am beyond disappointed to read this from Eonline! It really sounds like Castiel in any form will be no more!! You read, you decide!

A happy side note, BostonCon is this weekend & so get ready for that fun!!! Enjoy!

No more Mr. Nice Castiel.

The angel of Supernatural seasons past is gone. Instead Misha Collins is playing God—which seems like it would be a  fairly tough gig, right? Not really, Collins told us at the Television Critics  Association party Wednesday night.

“It’s easy, I could do that in my sleep,” he said. “There’s nothing to it.”  Well, isn’t he just a Braggy McBraggerton?

In all seriousness though, fans were a bit shocked when it was announced  Castiel wouldn’t returning as a regular in season seven. But one person who  wasn’t surprised by the news? Collins.

Read more: Eonline!


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