So many times watching this show, I get so freaked out just because when I was younger…… One of the worse scenes EVER for me was in “Family Remains”, the teenager hangs her hand over the side of the bed & something is licking her hand! She asks her dog what it had eaten because of the awful smell. We find out it’s the girl living in the walls! THIS IS THE EPITOMY OF SCARY FOR ME!!!! Remember the lore of the blind woman who thinks her dog is licking her hand but it turns out to be the freaky escaped convict?! I’m not a scaredy cat but I cannot hang my hand over the side of the bed because of this story!! Soooooo, what’s your scary scene or lore in 6 seasons?!

  1. fatfangirl says:

    This is the episode that scared me the most as well. The show usually leans more towards creepy to me but this one was downright scary. When they showed the girl i’n the walls with shiny eyes I just about jumped out of my skin.

  2. trackerm says:

    seriously!!! but it was the hand licking thing that totally freaked me out!! so, was it the girl in the wall, the girl or just all of it together?

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