Alright Fans…. don’t know about you but what the writers believe to be cliffhanging & what I think is cliffhanging, may be two totally different views!! The Lisa/Ben storyline totally gone! So not in the way in which I pictured! Did the demon tell the truth? Is Ben Dean’s kid? The writers, bless their small, black hearts, through Crowley, “your kid, a kid”?! We will never know! Heartbreakingly, Dean gives Lisa/Ben their lives back after Dean saves them from Crowley & crew! Lisa with demon, stabs herself & ends the family story of Dean, Lisa & Ben. Castiel heals Lisa & still tries to help Dean by whitewashing their memories of Dean. Seriously, how much more can Dean sacrifice?! We see Dean facially speaking volumes! This may be a 2 epsiode finale but I cannot separate them! So…..

We see Castiel in your “I’m your family” face!, trying to convince Dean that all is well in his world! HP Lovecraft was a must with his rendering of spirits crossing over into the real world. Great continuity from the 1st scene throughout with a portal from which baddies can cross. We see Dr. Visyak, who surprise, was Bobby’s lover/900 year old monster escaped from Purgatory who loves Earth & who wants nothing more than to keep Purgatory from ever being opened, again! The boys’ unlikely partner is BALTHAZAR who is KIND of torn between helping them stay Castiel’s masterminded hand & being a good ally to Cass. It seems that Castiel is powerful & becoming even more so with the nuclear monster souls which are “a means to an end”, winning the heavenly war. Castiel realizes that Balthazar went to the Winchester’s, end of ol’ Balthy by angel dagger via Cass! Positive: Cass can win his war. Negative: that monster part may be affecting him just a little bit!

Onto “The Man Who Knew Too Much”, “Carry on My Wayward Sons” by Kansas, blares in it’s entirety, pleasing fans world wide! We see Sam running into a familiar bar, meeting someone who just helps him stranger that he is, but with Sam not remembering anything about anything! Sam remembers a hotel, again familiar, passes Bobby in the hall but doesn’t recognize him. The room, which has lots of info about Sam & the Impala’s keys, leads the two to a place where Sam confronts “souless Sam”, strong, tough & merciless! We learn that when Castiel let Sam’s wall down earlier as a Dean distraction, that Sam breaks into pieces: the real Sam, soulless Sam & then the Sam who remembers Hell. Surprisingly, the real Sam kills ol’ soulless & hellish Sam won’t even put up a fight! So Sam wins! Jared does an amazing job in each of his Sam characters, truly amazing! I have to say, Cass letting Sam’s wall fall just to get Dean & Bobby out of his way, total letdown for me! This was written to subtly, so easily that as a fan, I will survive the summer! …..Also shows how far Castiel is willing to go to win his war!

Our angel showdown occurs in the mortuary between Castiel, Crowley & Raphael. Cass, in a very “Winchester” move, earlier replaces the virgin/monster purgatory blood with dog blood. We see Raph & Crowley performing the spell to open Purgatory to no avail! Crowley bragged earlier to having a better deal with Raphael until he sees Castiel glow nuclear.  Crowley runs like a girl, leaving Cass to snap his fingers, blowing Rapael to smithereens! Payback…..  So the end of Raph, end of the heavenly war but Cass seems determined to get rid of ALL of his heavenly enemies, Raph’s followers, or so he rationalizes for not giving up the monster souls! At this point, Dean scarily realizes that this is not Cass but something about to explode them all! Never seen Dean scared & really trying to talk his way out but it happened here! Misha’s acting is beyond excellent here, scary good! I was scared!

Sam stumbles in at this moment to save the day…. dagger in Castiel’s back, to which nothing happens! Cass calmly pulls the dagger out & states that “I am no longer an angel but your new god!”

This puts the Castiel story into an entire new realm! Is Cass evil? I still profess noooooo! How can anyone be filled with monsters & not be a monster I say?! So this cliffhanger goes as such: will Castiel follow this path? Or can Dean save him? We know Dean, he will do everything possible to save his nerdy, trench wearing friend! This storyline has just been blown wide open, nothing closed about it!

Thank you writers for your mercy! As in Sam is not slobbering on the floor! Speaking for your fandom, you have left us with hope that although Sam’s wall came down, he will survive. This will certainly be continued, Cass has to save him yet, as promised!

I have to say that as much as I wanted to watch this finale, emotionally I almost couldn’t! I will live for September as will many! There is hope for the Winchesters & Bobby, & I WILL NOT GIVE UP ON CASTIEL!! So the saga continues… Our summer will progress & the fandom will search feverishly for all things supernatural! On that note, stay tuned! The European cons are happening as we speak, new Supernatural vids, pics, quotes! From here, keep hunting…. supernaturally!!! And yes, it will be a long, hot summer!!!!!

By: Donna Gafford


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