Eve Really Bad but Castiel?!! (Mommy Dearest Review)

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WOW!! A few surprises tonight!! Eve is dead! So that is one story down with not too many left to answer! The writer, Adam Glass, kept the pace kinda slow for me but did a great job in getting the Eve question answered! What did she want & why? Obviously a biggie answered: Crowley’s still alive, is working for Castiel or Cass is working for Crowley. It seems that “someone” is still torturing the monster creatures which Eve is quite upset about! She is their mother & of course on that note, has to protect them. Our last pics of Crowley are of him torturing the “alphas” & Castiel burning Crowley’s bones to kill him or so we think! Eve gets out of purgatory to either turn all of mankind into monsters or to enlist the boys into helping her to stop the real baddie! Grants Pass Or. is her choice of making the super monster, the “be all that you can be” monsterville.

Castiel, Bobby, Dean & Sam all are on this job which I don’t ever remember happening before so the brain power alone was high wattage! Eve’s mistake monsters are found quite easily but her creations to rule the world, not so easily! When the boys realize that the only innocents left alive are two boys wrapped up so tidely in the jail(really?), they have to rescue them cause that’s what they do! Cass calls the the two young boys “wayward” orphans, with a shout out for the fan favorite “Carry on My Wayward Sons” by Kansas. One of the best, sweetest moments is when taking these kids home, the older one tells the younger one to rest, Dean’s response was a “yea, that’s me, the older brother smile & Sam has the “I’m always the younger brother who has to be taken care of” face! This is what the show is about!!!  Yes!!!

We find out that these two ” innocents”, older one is innocent, younger one is the monster, have to pass the “hunter’s” test for being human. Young Ryan passes with Dean & Sam’s help! After turning his older brother, the two kids proceed to kill their family members with the Spnl team rushing back to rescue the day, only to find that someone has already killed the kids, leaving sulphur behind! Oh yea, one of the best scenes ever in Supernatural history! Eve destroys the phoenix ash laden weapons & tries to enlist the boys to help stop the torture of her babies in the guise of who else, Mary Winchester.  Sam & Dean are always so perfect as bad cops/good cops! Sam stutters like maybe we should help her to save our team, humanity…  Dean of course responds with “bite me”!!! Welllll, she does & lo & behold, Mr. Genius swallowed his buckshot phoenix ash with whiskey(first scene we find out the ash doesn’t hurt humans but hopefully will kill Eve!), Eve bites Dean’s neck & dies a horrible, great visual death!! So Dean is brilliant! Cass heals Dean, the team rushes to save the rest of the world only to discover that the baddies have been killed by a demon no less!

This brings to a total head, Castiel & is he really bad? My opinion, no way in heck!! But we do have some not so good indication that he is walking a very fine line to save heaven! When torturing the sherriff, Bobby is getting nowhere, Cass volunteers with a “give me a few minutes”. We don’t see the sheriff anymore but we see Cass wiping his bloody hands. Did he take the sheriff’s soul? Did he just kill him? A clue that Castiel is again, treading a dark line! Last scene of the show, we see Cass walking through the bloody mess of monsters. Crowley standing there & complaining, when will he stop having to clean up Cass’s messes? With that said, not the first cleanup for Crowley, he’s working for Castiel & of course,  still alive!! We saw Cass burn the bones so what happened? Brought back to life? Another story for another ep! 

 The story is brilliant! Eve knows that Sam & Dean cannot resist saving people but especially little kid brothers! Eve was also for living life in the natural order, monsters turning a few humans, hunters killing monsters so we have someone messing with the natural order of humanity. That would be Castiel.  Again, from Eve, we hear the importance of souls, nuclear energy no less. Eve is gone &  Castiel is left wide open for interpretation!

Next week will show us Castiel’s history & insight to what is going on in his emotionless  head! Previews show us Castiel praying for guidance about his path, is he on the right path?! Bobby changes alliances & Castiel’s relationship with the our Supernatural team takes on a whole new direction! This from Michael Ausiello of TVline.

So… we hear classic rock : check! Sam & Dean are closer than ever: check! Eve’s story is over: check! Castiel is going dark side: not so checked!! Tune in to the same bat station, same bat time for the Cass story to be somewhat explained! And as ALWAYS, stay supernatural!!

By: Donna Gafford


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