Latest From EW (4-22-11)

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It’s Supernatural Friday, fans! And while I teased tonight’s episode in Tuesday’s column, today I come to you with news from the show’s two-hour finale, a double-dose episode that comes in two distinct parts.

“We heard pretty early that we should be prepared for them to air on the same night,” executive producer Sera Gamble says. “We had so many threads to tie up this season, we didn’t end up telling one story that stretches over two episodes. Instead, they work as companion pieces and separate episodes.” And while Gamble says both episodes are brother-centric and “very much about Sam and Dean coming together,” the first part deals primarily with Dean’s storyline this season, which found him struggling with his identity.

“He started this season completely out of the hunting life, and he has a lot of fears about the worst version of himself in that situation — who he could turn into and the bad he could do to other people,” she teases. “There’s a reason he has so few people in his life, and it’s because he has a lot of fears about what he could bring into their lives – what he could do to them. He has to face that in this episode.” Of course, on this show facing your fears tends to mean one thing. “We look at those issues through a Supernatural lens, which is fun because then they get really bloody,” she says with a laugh.


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