Latest From EW (04/19/11)

Posted: April 19, 2011 by ddbabygirl13 in Uncategorized
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A few weeks back, I laughed out loud when I first read the loglines for “Frontierland,” the highly anticipated episode of Supernatural that takes Dean and Sam on a search for Samuel Colt, because it said Dean was “beside himself with excitement” at the prospect of time traveling to the Old West. I remembered that line as I watched the episode, and I couldn’t have put it better myself. It’s hard not to smile a little as the boys head back to the 1800s, zarapes and all. The episode also marks the introduction of Castiel’s angel lieutenant, Rachel. And for those of you who pondered: No; she’s definitely not a romantic companion. Sorry, the real love-fest in this episode is between Cas and Bobby, who share some really great moments, particularly when one of them finds themselves caring for the other. (D’awww.) The real hero of this episode, however? Sam’s thingamajig. You’ll have to watch to see what I mean by that (…perv). Bonus scoop: Dean has a “fetish,” and we learn what that is. It might be related to something I already mentioned.



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