April 15th, Was It Worth It?!(Episode 17 Review)

Posted: April 16, 2011 by trackerm in Uncategorized
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Ok spnl crazy fans! How was the episode? Was it better? Was it bigger? Did it answer ANY questions that you’ve had in the past?! YES, YES & YES!! We learn that due to a small change of history, thanks to we know, Balthazar on Castiels’s orders, the titanic doesn’t sink and with that butterfly effect,  Jo & Ellen are alive, well with Ellen married to Bobby! Fate(Katie Wilder) doesn’t like all those living who should be dead so proceeds to kill off the descendants of the titanic. And oh yea, she’s really mad at Sam & Dean for making her job obsolete! Cass, in his own words, chooses freedom as opposed to relying on Fate whom it appears Cass is more powerful than! We learn that Castiel loves Sam & Dean a tremendous amount, to the point of 50,000 people not being born! The distinction between killing those 50,000 as opposed to not having them being born has to be important because it was referenced 3 times in this ep.  The war in heaven rages & souls seem to be “money” in the angel world, holding lots of power but power against raphael also.  Sam & Dean trying to get killed is hilarious! The travel agent pitching cuba is way funny, obviously we don’t have a problem with Fidel now. I haven’t found the age of the mustang but it’s smaller than the Impala(Sam), still a muscle car but not tough enough for our boys! Long live the Impala!! I loved the time warp, loved the story, loved seeing Ellen! I hate seeing Bobby depressed but really, when your job is killing things, you’re gonna lose friends & family…   Dean winning rock paper scissors with a smirk..epic! Cass letting the boys know that he chose freedom over allowing fate to happen, gotta love that moral of the story. But what we really see is an angel who adores his human friends, much like Dean sacrifices everything for his family. Cass has learned from “the master” that family is everything. We see a side of Castiel that will become dominant; he protects the boys but he’s majorly getting ready to win a war! & yes, i say win because in the scheme of supernatural, the boys (almost) always survive, good trumps evil & life as we can see it, continues.   I confess to having a funny, sick feeling that this will be biting Cass in the butt before it’s all over with! on with the hunt.. SUPERNATURALLY!

 By:Donna Gafford

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