Supernatural Paleyfest Panel 2011

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Spoilers From Paleyfest

– Ben Edlund is directing the “emotional” 20th episode this season.
– Jensen says he’d love to direct another episode… “As long as he’s not in it,” pointing to Jared.
– The actors don’t know what they can say about shocking show twists. There’s a few coming!
– One thing that Ben would like to try is a live episode.
– Kripke says there are a few curveballs coming for the brothers the rest of the season.
– Jensen doesn’t think there are lines that can’t be crossed anymore. Not since the skiboots/Japanese gameshow.
– Kripke wrote the season finale. Turned it Friday. Start shooting next week.
– The war in heaven will play out at the end of the season.
– You will meet Castiel’s angel Rachel, Sera says.
– season finale to be directed by Singer
– Jared does miss soulless Sam, but did have fun playing with the nature of the soul. “I do miss the little guy…”
– Kripke: “Currently there are no plans to return the amulet.”
– Misha Collins regrets going with gravely Castiel voice. “I may be running into medical problems!”; He hopes someday Cas will have a tank of helium with him so he can talk normally.
– Ben’s talking the #fightthefairies trend and how there was a legit outcry from the gay community.
– Finale: originally Eric wanted it to be like a MOVIE! but there’s so many mythology ends to tie it’s very episodic
– Finale: Each episode has its own story, both are self-contained.
– Kripke says “it will be awesome in reruns but for the two-hour people will be like ‘What?'”
– Female characters with a positive force coming up: Jared says just Castiel.
– Upcoming Edlund directed episode of #Supernatural is from Castiel’s point of view. “We hear a couple of moments from his childhood.”
– Missouri could come back next season if they have one
– Kripke reveals Bobby only exists on #Supernatural because Loretta Devine wasn’t available to return as Missouri for #Supernatural S1 finale
– Kripke has a specific coda in mind for when the show ends, he didn’t use when they got Season 6 renewal.
Photos From Paleyfest
Videos On Paleyfest Panel

Sneak Peek Of Frontierland

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