Latest From EW (1/28/11)

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Supernatural!!!!!!! — Laura
Okay!!!!!!! The first episode back, now airing Feb. 4, will focus quite a bit on the Sam-almost-killed-Bobby thing. In fact, Bobby finds himself uneasy around the youngest Winchester even though he was recently re-souled. We already know Dean’s his favorite, but Bobby’s reaction will leave you wanting to hug Sam (erm, more than you already want to hug Sam on a normal day). Bonus dish: You will rewind a hotel scene where Dean reads a girl’s diary about 10 times.

THIS has me VERY upset. Supernatural scoop to make me feel better? — Alyson
It’s just a week. I think we’re all going to be okay. I can’t say the same for our brothers Winchester, though, who will be going up against an antagonist of Lilith proportions in the second half of this season. And just as freakin’ creepy — if not more so.



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