Latest From EW (11/19/10)

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@smccartt asks: Where’s Castiel on Supernatural? Also are they going to anything about Adam — it’s not like Sam and Dean to leave their brother in hell.

Maybe they just don’t like him? (Kidding.) While there’s no word on Adam, executive producer and showrunner Sera Gamble elaborated a bit on Cas’ “tremendously awful position in heaven” when I spoke with her earlier this week. “He’s going through so much that he’s only alluding to that he can’t really talk about. He’s keeping as stiff an upper lip as he can because he is tortured and lonely and…I think he feels these are the only people who care about him in the universe.”

@michelecurran asks: Please, I need some Supernatural scoop!! Is Sam going to get his soul back soon?

As we reported earlier, don’t expect to see Sam’s soul before midseason. That said, Sam can expect one thing before the break: an ass kicking. In fact, the Dec. 10 episode — which guest stars Robert Englund (the original Freddy Krueger) as an unlicensed doctor who works out of the back of a butcher shop — finds both brothers on the receiving end of a “hardcore” beating. “I don’t want to give away the farm on this episode, but I will say both of them are at the very least near death in this episode,” said Gamble.

@LISALEE25 asks: Is this Supernatural’s last season?!

In the words of Dean Winchester, bite your tongue heathen! Honestly, it’s too soon to tell, but they are in the early stages of planning a “bold” new meta-episode set to air in spring.


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