Latest From Kristin (10-5-10)

Posted: October 5, 2010 by ddbabygirl13 in Uncategorized
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Kim in Las Cruces, N.M.: Supernatural. Hit me!
Hit you? Well, I should warn you I just beat the world-champion of arm-wrestling (Dot Jones of Glee), but OK…In episode four of Supernatural, “Weekend at Bobby’s”—the directing debut of Jensen Ackles (squee!)—we see the return of a slew of characters: nasty Crowley, who owns Bobby’s (Jim Beaver) soul; Sheriff Mills (Kim Rhodes), whose zombie son ate her hubby; and retired hunter Rufus (Steven Williams). Not appearing are Lisa (Cindy Sampson) and Ben (Nicholas Elia)—and sources confirm we won’t be seeing them too much more this season. Not that we’re complaining…We like our Dean unchained.



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