Supernatural At Comic-Con 2010

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Please be warned that there are lots of spoilers in this post, you have be warned!

Here are the highlights from the panel:

-At the panel they showed a video preview of the fourth episode, “Weekend at Bobby’s,” directed by Jensen Ackles. The episode will focus on Bobby trying to get out of the deal he made with Crowley to give away his soul at the end of season 5.

-Though Eric Kripke’s five-year plan is over, he sees season 6 as a sequel to his Supernatural.

-New showrunner Sera Gamble talked about the driving mythology of season 6 being based on the monsters of the week. We’ll see more monsters and their backstories will play into the new season. The show will also get back to simpler things, like shooting monsters in the face.

-How did Sam get out of Hell? “Practice,” joked Jared Padalecki, stealing the old line about Carnegie Hall. But in reality, he still doesn’t know.

-Dean won’t be kissing demons anytime soon. However, Sam and Dean will have some lady drama in an episode featuring a female relative of the Winchesters.

-Misha Collins said that Castiel is still busy cleaning up Heaven in season 6.

-Jim Beaver believes that Hell will freeze over before Bobby gets a girlfriend, so don’t hold your breath.

-Ben Edlund is writing an episode about fairies that will feature little people.

-Jensen Ackles revealed that the hardest part of directing was having to pay attention to every single line of dialogue in the script and not just worry about his own character. Jim joked around about wanting to give Jensen a hard time by considering staying in his trailer for 30 minutes after being called to set.

-Everyone would love for Jeffrey Dean Morgan to return, but unfortunately he has a very busy schedule.

-Eric Kripke said that he made some changes to the season 5 finale due to the show coming back, but it mostly stayed the same. He said that if it wasn’t renewed, major characters probably would’ve stayed dead.

Fan’s Verison of the panel

The next season starts off nearly a year later. Dean ‘s spent most of the year in trauma and grief trying to find a way to get Sam back, but now has started to settle into something like an ordinary life with Lisa and Ben. He’s going to BBQs with the neighbours and he’s got a job in construction although he still keeps rock salt under his bed. He drives a pickup and the Impala is under a tarp in the garage. (this is apparently shown in montatge)

ETA: Sam and Dean do not reunite in the first episode! Unclear if Dean and Lisa just together or actually married!

Sam returned from Hell a while okay, but has decided to leave Dean alone to let him live a normal life. He’s become a very pragmatic hunter, certainly not without emotion, or anything, but realistic about what it takes to do the job “more like Season One Dean”. Jared describes him as having learned that his old way of trying doing things (his good intentions) didn’t work for him , or others. A creature that had hunted him comes after Dean, and this brothers come together again.

It’s not a simply happy reunion (of course!) – Dean is pissed that Sam’s been back for awhile and didn’t let him know. Sam however thinks he did the right thing – he told Dean to get on with his life. Sam doesn’t want to talk about what happened in Hell – despite Dean’s urgings. He’s just glad to be alive – and now he needs Dean’s help on a hunt…

Sounds like the first half of the Season there will Dean’s arc of being conflicted about what he has to do, and trying to work out what he really wants. The other arc will be the how and why of Sam’s return from Hell.

Castiel is back in episode 3. Misha described Heaven as a bit like post Soviet Russia, with warring factions and Castiel trying to unite it and bring peace.. Rapahel will return. Castiel will be much more ‘angel’ like with his emotions tampered down. He and Heaven/Hell are involved with the increase in monster activity on Earth. The trench coat is back. His work may bring him into conflict or at cross purposes with Sam and Dean.

We saw Crowley back with Bobby in the clip – Bobby’s trying to get his soul back, and Crowley’s not playing nice. It ended with Bobby trapping Crowley in a cool infrared/laser light devil’s trap, and then Crowley calling his hellhound in!

We’ll have some Campbells – Mitch Pileggi we knew about, and also cousin Christian, but there is also a female relative.

Lisa lives (at least in the first half of the season!).

There will be mythology around monsters’ origins. So stories won’t be just about a shapeshifter, but as Jared put it “the alpha shape shifter”

Ben Edlund talked about episodes with fairies and leprechauns, Sera mentioned a funny vampire episode tentatively titled “Live Free and Twi Hard”. Jensen is keen to show how those “pale, waify” vamps should be killed. And there will be a Djinn.

Jensen on the change in the brothers’ dynamic:

It’s a bit of a flip in motivation again like I said. Dean is domesticated now and he’s trying his best to lead a normal now. Sam is now back but is really on board with the whole hunting thing. Now it’s a job to him. It’s what he does, it’s his skill and he’s using it. He’s trying to leave Dean alone because he wants Dean to have a normal life. So there’s that kind of push and pull of he wants his brother to work with but he also wants his brother to live this normal life so it’s left him alone for the better part of a year, which is where we pick up the story in season six. And then the past catches up to Dean and Sam can’t stay away and he has to go get him and that’s where we kind of pick it up. It’s the struggle of Dean not wanting to get pulled back in but not really having a choice and then trying to figure out how he’s going to deal with the family because he knows that he can’t bring them into it. It’s kind of too late because he already has and now he’s got to distance himself from it, the one thing he didn’t want to do. 

Jared on Sam
Right now, I’m dealing with the changes in Sam’s personality. He’s sort of cut the bull now. He doesn’t want to talk about his feelings. He’s not like Dean, “Let’s talk, we’re in the car, come on.” He’s like “What’s there to talk about?  I was in Hell, why would I want to talk about it? I’m back, I’m breathing air, I’m seeing my family, why would I in the world would I want to.” He’s being very realistic. And he’s very cut to the point, almost like Dean was in season one. He’s like “I don’t want to talk, let’s just get the job done, the person is bad, sorry they have a family or sorry there’s a child but they’re bad, we’ve got to get rid of them.” So like it’s kind of flipped because now Dean is seeing a bit of family life. He has Lisa, he has Ben. Sam is like “Hey, I don’t want to go back to Hell. Let’s just figure out what the right thing to do and do it and ask questions later.” source

Blooper video


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