Anime Directors Miya and Ishizuka Interview

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To start off, please tell us how you first encountered the series.
“I found out about the show long before this, and frankly I thought that it was kind of weird the first time I watched it. The beginning could pretty much hold its own, and thinking back I suppose there’s no helping it being a more or less an explainatory pilot episode. But after that I didn’t watch the continuing episodes, and some time had passed before I’d stumbled upon it by chance, thinking I’d try watching it and going ‘Oh, wait, that’s Supernatural!’ and from then on I thought it was really interesting (laughs). I was thinking ‘Damn it! This show’s actually really good!’ And anyway, I’ve always liked occult/horror stories so I just ended up continuously watching it.”
“Truth be told, I had the same impression on the pilot episode (as Miya). That ‘Hmm… It’s weird’ (laughs) kind of feeling. Though after watching a few episodes at one go, that feeling just completely vanished. Like ‘Oh, man! This is really interesting!’ And right after that there was just no stopping it. I actually don’t think I’m into the occult/horror thing at all, but this goes beyond the genre and it’s become my favorite show. It’s a fantastic show and the more you watch it, the more it draws you in. So a word of advice for everyone out there, don’t give up watching it! (laughs)”
“At any rate, the setting is great, I mean it’s got everything. I thought ‘They got me!” when I watched Bad Day At Black Rock. It’s just got everything.
“And within that setting is Sam and Dean who are just amazing in every way. It just feels like anything is OK within the story if there are just these two characters properly in it.”

What do you have to be particularly conscious about with this American TV Series turned Anime?
“I’m just repeating myself here, but I think it’s important to treat the setting and the characters of the original series with care.”
“Well, that’s not limited to just this series though, is it? (laughs)”
“Yeah, you’re right (laughs)”

How is it with the 2 Director team?
“I think it’ll be fun”
“Same here. It’s one of the things I’m looking forward to regarding this project. Uncommon things, things we can think of only with this team, an exceptional series is what I’m thinking to achieve”

What are the highlights the Directors would impress upon?
“That’s a difficult one. Like the original series that has everything, please enjoy the world of Supernatural. We’re going to have fun with it too (laughs)”
“Whatever the case, the characters are the lifeblood! Please enjoy watching Sam and Dean!”

And one last word to the SPN fans.
“I want to be able to line this up with the original series and make it as just fun to watch, so much so, the that after viewers have watched anime version, they will be left wondering ‘Did I watch this in the original series? Or have I watched it in the anime series?'”
“Though I do think that favoring either version is up to the viewers, I want all the fans to enjoy this as much as they’ve enjoyed the original series. We have prepared new stories to be added to this version too so please look forward to it!”

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