Supernatural Recap/Review: Swan Song/Season Finale

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(Sorry for the late update but life has been busy)

Wow…What a season finale. People died, people came back, promises were made, and people were broking. I’m going to try to make this review as on point as I can(no promise, major rants on this one).

Kick Ass Montage

Like every Supernatural finale, a great montage was in order and this was no exception. We got a great recap on all the important parts of this season with the Supernatural theme song “Carry On My Wayward Son” playing in the background.

A little history lesson

The episode started a little like a discovery channel documentary on cars, Chuck reads a page out of the Winchester Gospel on the history of the impala. I had to check just to make sure I was watching Supernatural, and when I was sure, I started talking to myself(Oh, something is going to happen to the impala! I know it!) That when on for about the whole episode.

Time to grow up

Dean finally let Sam make his own choise, granted Dean made a promise to Death that he would let Sammy say yes to Lucifer, but we all know that was not going to happen. But Dean realised that it was time to let Sam and himself grow up.

Time For Some Demon Blood

I have one word for this: Gross! I never could get use to Sam drinking  a little demon blood but like 4 or 5 gallons of the stuff… I’m just glad I did not have to see it.

Lucifer’s Mind Game Showdown

I have to say that I kind of knew that Lucifer was in on the whole sent him back to hell plan. I really believe that Lucifer knew this all along and what just play Sam and Dean like chess pieces. But besides that point, I have to say that I was happy when Sam did not stand down and took Lucifer on for the whole battle of the minds(and I knew Sam would lose…What can I say, it makes for good T.V.)

Dean Will Stand By His Brother 

Dean decides that he is going to find his brother and while Bobby and Cas think it’s a bad idea, Dean goes off the battlefield. Now there really is not much to say about this scene, the brothers are always trying to rescue each other, and this time is no different.

Sam and Lucifer Have A Talk

I don’t have words for this scene, it was amazing! Jared blow this out the park! And if you don’t believe me just check out the video.

The Final Showdown: Micheal And Lucifer…And Dean?

Yes after a whole season of talks about the big fight…i’s finally here. And I have to say that the whole speech between Micheal and Lucifer was cool but the best part was Dean riding in play Def Leppard’s Rock Of Age. Now that was pretty bad ass.

The whole Showdown felt rushed to me. There was very little fighting(if you consider Dean being beating into a pulp, fighting) and people were being killed to fast for me but that not important. Cas hits Micheal(who happens to be in Adam’s meat suit…I did wonder what had happen to him)with Holy Fire and make him disappear for a while, which buys Dean about 5 mins to try and talk to his brother. Lucifer was not happy with this and pop Cas like a water balloon(which is the second time this season that has happen to him). After Lucifer deal with Cas, he turns his sights on Dean but Bobby gets in the way, which in turn get his head twisted in that weird demon way. And like I said before Dean gets beating into a pulp and when it looks like this might be the end for Dean, the impala shine some light in Sam’s eyes, which makes all this memories come back and helps him take control of his body.(I knew that the impala was important.) 

Hard To Say Goodbye, So Lets Not

I have to say that at this point in the episode I was crying like a baby and with the last scenes I just got worse. With Sam in control, he take the rings and opens the pit but then Adam comes back and I just have to point this out, Adam did say “Sam,it’s not going to end this way”.I had to bring this up cause I’m going to get into that later. Sam jumps in any way but not before Adam/Micheal try to stop him and ends up going with him in to the pit. Dean is left alone to cry for his brother and the people he lost. But before you think it ends like this, Cas is back with all his angel powers back and he bring Bobby back and fixes Dean up.

Dean leaves Bobby behind, which Chuck is still reading his story and say that Dean and Bobby do not see each other for a long time. I was sad to hear it but it is what it is. Cas goes back to heaven, to take Micheal’s place, without so much as a goodbye to Dean. And Dean keeps a promise he made to his brother, he goes and finds Lisa and he try to live that normal life he secretly wanted.(When Dean holds Lisa and starts to cry, I just lost it). I know that people do not like Lisa but I do and it seem that Dean really like her since Season 3, so people need to chill. At this point I was should it was all over but that’s never the case with Supernatural. It seems that Sam is out the pit and we don’t know whats going to happen next.

So many questions left unanswered. Is Chuck God?(He wrote the end of the story and just disappear), Is Cas really gone and is it for good? Does Bobby come back? Does Dean live the normal life and does he like it? And how is Sam back? And is that really Sam? I guess we just have to wait till next season to find out.

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