‘Supernatural’ looks to Season 6

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Sam and Dean return to their roots next year

The final battle is about to begin. In one corner, Sam Winchester (Jared Padelecki), a bunch of demons, Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) and the denizens of hell.

In the other, Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles), a legion of angels (led by Misha Collins as Castiel) and those up in heaven. At stake? Nothing more than the future of humankind and earth.

So it’s pretty safe to say that the result of Supernatural’s May finale, the aptly titled “Swan Song,” will steer where the series goes in Season 6. After all, the heaven-versus-hell story arc took up almost every episode this year, and it ends tonight.

Some say not a moment too soon. There have been those (me included) who think the war between God and the Devil has been dragged out too long, what with tales of four horsemen, demons aplenty and dozens of irksome angels.

“Our main concern was not to slice the mythology thinner to drag it out any longer than it was designed to,” says Supernatural executive producer Sera Gamble. “That seems like a mean thing to do to viewers in exchange for making you successful and keeping you on the air. We want existing storylines to run their course, and then we figure it’s our job to bring in new stories.”

To that end, Gamble – who cut her TV teeth as a writer finalist in the HBO reality series Project Greenlight 2 – announces that next season deals with life after the Apocalypse. “We will have lots of meat-and-potatoes closed-ended episodes, and we also have a season-long story arc to weave in,” she says.

That’s a great thing, and something Sam alluded to in last week’s episode. “Remember when we just used to fight Wendigoes?” the lanky Winchester lamented to his stocky brother, a nod to Season 1’s first episode.

That return to form is accented by a swap behind the scenes. Creator Eric Kripke is stepping into a consultant’s role, and Gamble is moving into Kripke’s seat as showrunner.

But don’t expect huge changes on-camera. After all, the strength of CW’s hit continues to be the playful banter between Sam and Dean, often played out with classic rock thumping in the background, as they blow ghosts and ghouls to smithereens.“I feel like I helped raise these two little brothers,” Gamble says with pride. “They’ve deepened so much over the years and they continue to evolve.”  


The banter extends beyond the acting cast, and to the series’ sets. Eagle-eyed fans (again, like me) may have noticed that the hotel rooms the Winchesters frequent are numbered in accordance with what episode it is (Room 100 for Episode 100). Gamble confesses that the production team cooks up the Easter eggs.

“It’s about visually supporting the story being told, often in a sly way that sort of winks at the audience,” she reveals. “Check out the room number on the door in the Casa Erotica tape in ‘Hammer of the Gods.’” (I won’t spoil it for you. Go check it out for yourselves.)

But what Gamble won’t reveal are details regarding the rumour that Bobby (Jim Beaver), who is a father figure to the boys, will meet his demise on Thursday night.

With Bobby’s soul being held for ransom by demon Crowley (Mark Sheppard) to ensure the Winchesters don’t turn on him during the holy war, it seems Bobby will become collateral damage.

“I can’t tell you what happens in the finale,” Gamble teases. “I want you to be surprised.”

The Supernatural season finale airs Thursday, May 13, at 9 p.m. ET on SunTV/CW.


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