Exclusive: Face Time With The ‘Ghostfacers’

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Exclusive: Face Time With The ‘Ghostfacers’

It’s a clear, cool night in Hollywood, and we are eagerly awaiting the premiere of Ghostfacers, the new web series (the first two episodes of which debut today on CWTV.com) spun off from Supernatural.

How does a hugely popular, but largely under-the-radar show like Supernatural (the 100th episode of which will be shown tonight on the CW) create a sensation out of characters who have only appeared in three episodes?

“I never expected it, but it is the most fun I have ever had with any role,” star A.J. “Ed” Buckley says.  His costar, Travis “Harry” Wester, agrees.  “The first thing we did when we got back to Los Angeles [after filming in Vancouver] was ask [director] Phil Sgriccia if we could use the characters to do some YouTube sketches.  Before we knew it, Phil and [creator] Eric Kripke were calling us in to a meeting – we thought we were in trouble!” 

The guys were pleasantly surprised when, instead of reprimands, they were offered their own web series – one that they could write, direct, and star in themselves.  “We were very calm in the room, but as soon as we got into the hall, Travis and I were jumping up and down with excitement,” A.J. admits.  “We say we are superdorks separated at birth.  There is a definite bromance going on.”  The web series went on hold for a couple years, mainly due to the tanking economy, but even during this time, A.J. and Travis continued their YouTube spots and maintained the official Ghostfacers website (something that is now managed by fancy-shmancy techies over at Warner Bros.).

Rounding out the Ghostfacers cast are Brittany “Maggie” Ishibashi and Austin “Spruce” Basis.  While A.J. and Travis first appeared on Supernatural in season one, Brittany and Austin didn’t get their shot until the third season Ghostfacers episode.  “That episode was kind of our episode, and the Winchesters were guest stars,” says Brittany.  “But Jared [Padalecki] and Jensen [Ackles] were so generous with their time and creativity.  It was like one big, happy Supernatural family.”

The Ghostfacers would love to get their Supernatural counterparts on their own show if they go a second season.  The lines of communication with Kripke are open.  “It depends on how season five ends. But if there is a second season, we may see Corbett again,” A.J. says cryptically, referring to the Ghostfacers’ intern who was killed on the TV show.  “We did do a bit with Misha Collins [Cas],” A.J. continues.  “He came up to us and told us he wanted to be on our show.  We pitched an ‘Interview With an Angel’ piece to Kripke, who loved it.  We had a blast shooting it.  However, that was before Supernatural got picked up for another season, so now it is tightly under wraps.”   A.J. tells us it will be released someday.  “The people at our London Ghostfacers convention are the only people who have seen it.”

What about the other way around?  Any chance of having the Supernatural cast guest on Ghostfacers?  “Yes,” Travis says, before qualifying the statement with: “There is a lot of chance.  Nothing official, but there is always a world of chance.”  “If Sam and Dean need our help, we’d happily step up” is Brittany’s answer to the same question.  A.J. is more optimistic: “I think so.  I don’t want to say anything definite, but Kripke has been thinking about it.  Literally every season, he says that he is going to find a way to bring us back in.  We are part of the Supernatural world now.”



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