Ask Ausiello-(4/8/10)

Posted: April 8, 2010 by ddbabygirl13 in Uncategorized
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Question: The recent synopsis posted about Supernatural’s 100th episode has me curious. Do you know who the familiar face is and what the angels’ new plan consists of? —Andy
Ausiello: At the risk of someone sending the angels after me, the person is someone you definitely thought was dead and gone forever. And I can tell you how one trench coat-wearing angel plans to stop the apocalypse: beat Dean to a pulp.

Question: Aus, I gave up for Lent. Have I missed anything huge? Or better, do you have anything to welcome me back with? —Laura

Ausiello: Hugh Laurie directs Monday’s House and, to mark the occasion, he’s giving Ask Ausiello readers this exclusive preview: “A baby goes missing from the maternity ward — you know how babies are low-jacked in the hospital these days — so the hospital is locked down until the baby is found. It’s a rather more elegant way of doing the ’stuck elevator’ plot line.” Oh, wait, you asked for big news. Um… Dean [spoiler] [spoiler] in Supernatural’s 100th episode next Thursday!


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