The Watcher: ‘Supernatural’ Actor Returns For Devilish Fun

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The Watcher: ‘Supernatural’ Actor Returns For Devilish Fun

As the Apocalypse heats up on “Supernatural” later in Season 5, Sam and Dean Winchester will encounter a familiar face — a memorable character they met earlier in the season.

I’m forming some kind of unholy alliance” with the Winchesters, the actor in question told me on Thursday.

Read on to find out who they’ll be meeting. Spoilers ahead — for fans of both “Supernatural” and “Chuck.” Yes, the same actor will be appearing on both shows soon.

I’m betting by this point you have probably figured out who it is, but those who don’t want to know should jump off now.

And the “Chuck” and “Supernatural” actor is…

Mark Sheppard, of course.

In the memorable November episode, “Abandon All Hope…,” Sam and Dean met a demon named Crowley, who wasn’t so keen on Lucifer walking the Earth (he guessed that once Lucifer wiped out the humans, the demons would be next). Crowley gave Sam and Dean the Colt, a powerful weapon that, as it turned out, didn’t have much of an effect on El Diablo.

Well, Crowley will be back in cahoots with Sam and Dean toward the end of the season. Sheppard said he’s going to appear in Episode 20 of Season 5 — and don’t be surprised if Crowley is around for more than one episode.

Even better news? “Supernatural’s” Ben Edlund is writing Episode 20 (he also wrote “Abandon All Hope…” as well as any number of memorable Winchester outings).

Sheppard said he was looking forward to returning to Vancouver in a couple of weeks to work on the show. Crowley, who’s not nearly as contemplative as “Supernatural’s” Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino), is “real fun to play with,” he said.

Even if you don’t watch “Supernatural,” there’s a good chance you have seen Sheppard’s face a lot in the last few years. He played Romo Lampkin on “Battlestar Galactica,” but since that show wrapped he’s been popping up on almost every scripted show around (“CSI,” “White Collar,” “Dollhouse,” “NCIS,” “The Middleman” and dozens more).

He said we can count on seeing his recurring characters once again on “Leverage” and “Warehouse 13″ when those shows return, and he’ll also be appearing on “Chuck” when that show comes back from its Olympic break.

Sheppard will play a villain in Episodes 12 and 13 of the third season of “Chuck” (and if you don’t want to know the exact nature of his character, don’t look up Sheppard on

One of Sheppard’s episodes, he said, is “all about Casey. And I got to do scenes with ‘Superman’ [guest star Brandon Routh], that was so much fun.”

If that’s not enough Sheppard for you, he’s also supplying the voice for promos of Discovery’s reality show “Man Vs. Wild.” (“That’s me doing my Jason Statham impression,” he said.)

In any case, it looks like the Mark Sheppard Full Employment Act is still in effect in 2010.

I want to be the Jack Cassidy of the new millennium,” Sheppard said, referring to the ubiquitous ’70s character actor and the father of Shaun and David Cassidy (and the grandfather of “Supernatural” and “Melrose Place” actress Katie Cassidy).


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